From: December 22 - January 19

Element: Earth

Planet: Saturn

Today's Horoscope for Capricorn :

You are not an impulsive person and this reflects in whatever you do. Money will be on your mind almost through out the day. Generally, you are a penny pincher, but during the later half of the day you will go on a spending spree. Don’t ignore your pocket while spending, otherwise you may end up burning a hole in it, advises Ganesha. Will the stars favour you in 2014? Will you be able to realise your dreams this year? Check out our 2014 reports to find out!

This Week's Horoscope for Capricorn:

You shall have to display exemplary patience this week as you shall most likely be taken for a ride by four planets. You shall become self-centred and may wish to play safe in almost every area of life. You shall be very active. Your temper may also keep swinging from one end to another, and it may become very difficult for others to gauge your mood at any given point. Chances of losing your temper over petty trifles is pretty high. You may not be in a mood to accept your flaws this week and no one shall dare to tell you anything. Ganesha feels that you may be so absorbed in yourself that it may appear that you are not in sync with the outer world, which may or may not be true. Even as this tricky phase operates, you can expect great things to happen on the career front. To know more details about this aspect, check out the thoroughly personalised product Career Prospects Report which is based on your Natal Chart. Your Horoscope AnalysisYour horoscope can bring forth stunning revelations about you and your future! We, thus, carefully analyse your personal horoscope to help you find out all about your life. Through this unique report you will get to know about the good and bad time frames in the future, and you can plan the important moves in your life, accordingly. Get It Now!

This Month's Horoscope for Capricorn:

You shall be open-minded in your approach to work this month, feels Ganesha. It means that you shall be ready to learn new things, new technology, etc. in order to improve your performance. You shall definitely learn a lot, especially from the seniors employees of the company that you may frequently have to deal with. They can especially be helpful with their vast experience when you are stuck in a dilemma and may be finding it tough to resolve things. Ganesha advises you to make full use of the wisdom of the elderly colleagues in your office. You shall feel very energetic, but you would do well not to squander it on unnecessary pursuits or negatively. Use it judiciously and conserve it for the most important tasks. You may expect some very positive developments in your career this month. You can avail Career or Business Strengths Reading basis your personal Horoscope so that you can come to know about your strengths and weaknesses so that you can use it for your advantage. On the personal front, whether you are married or single, you shall enjoy some very romantic moments with your beloved. 2015 Career ReportWe understand that your career is very very important to you. Will the recession and weak economy affect your career too ? How do you progress faster despite everything ? We can guide you. Get It Now!

General Features for Capricorn:

Capricornians are basically competent, down-to-earth and result-oriented. They are usually hard workers. They love to organize and are willing to discipline themselves, shoulder responsibility and plan ahead in order to achieve their ambitions. Capricornians are conservative. Some of them like their possessions, such as their cars, home and clothing, to be classical and elegant, while others focus primarily on functionality and practicality. Most of them are perfectionists. Being ambitious and innately responsible, Capricornians dislike disorganization, sloppiness and irresponsible behavior. Capricornians have a hard time dealing with people who don't keep their promises, are chronically late or are not willing to shoulder responsibility. Capricornians are especially well suited for business, politics, management and leadership roles. They tend to be a little stiff, both physically and mentally, and need to learn not to be too serious. Many Capricornians do have a good sense of humor, and use jokes to lighten their own and other people's souls.

Capricorn In Love:

In a relationship, Capricorns are a slow starters, but prove to be explosive performers and long-lasting, loyal companions. They are quite skilled with people, once they overcome their initial reserve. When aroused, Capricorns are enthusiastic and adventurous in the art of love, but can be possessive and jealous when threatened. Partners can sometimes be overwhelmed by the intensity of their passion, coming as it does from beneath such a cool exterior. In marriage they are loyal, good providers and strive to develop a strong home environment. Capricorns strive to conceal their vulnerability beneath a confident veneer of ambition and material success, but passionate Mars is always bubbling just below the surface. When the curtain is lifted, the passion flows like lava from an erupting volcano. Indeed, when they are sure of their ground, they delight in living up to the randy reputation of the Goat.

Seducing a Capricorn Men:

Capricornians are ambitious, refined and prudent. Seducing them it's not so easy, but once you have broken their armour, they will be reliable partners for all your life. TIP: Call him often at his mobile phone.

Seducing a Capricorn Women:

Capricornian women are wise, strong, reliable, shy, prudent and little effusive. Conquering their trust and making them fall in love is not an easy job. They are demanding, cultured and love those who can make them smile. To discotheques they prefer something unforeseeable and new. TIP: Give her a ticket to see a match of her favourite team.

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