From: August 24 - September 22

Element: Earth

Planet: Mercury

Today's Horoscope for Virgo :

A mixture of the desirable and undesirable is on the cards today. Sentimental people will tend to think of you as a little immature. However, your sense of humour will be as robust as ever and you will never fall short of jokes. Ganesha advises you to pursue spiritually enriching activities in order to properly channelise your abilities. Saturn Transit ReportSaturn is the Karmic balancer – it affects your life, basis your past life Karma. Scared? Don’t be! We will read your Horoscope to tell you how will Saturn affect you, when it moves from one Zodiac Sign to another, so you stay guarded. Get It Now!

This Week's Horoscope for Virgo:

Ganesha expects a very interesting week for you. The atmosphere at home shall be very lively. You may have some very intellectually stimulating people visiting your home and you and your family members shall feel very enlightened because of their visit. This week indicates that someone from your past might resurface suddenly and you shall be delighted to get back in touch with that person. Ganesha cautions you against abuse of authority at home. Moreover, you can Ask Any Question basis your Birth Chart – an expert astrologer will provide you fully personalised answers that is specific to you. Give your family members some space, and let them take their own decisions at least in simple things. You are going to develop an interest in arts. Terms with children would be very good and you shall be spending lots of time nurturing them or interacting with them. Those planning for a family have stars in their favour. Good luck! Your Horoscope AnalysisYour horoscope can bring forth stunning revelations about you and your future! We, thus, carefully analyse your personal horoscope to help you find out all about your life. Through this unique report you will get to know about the good and bad time frames in the future, and you can plan the important moves in your life, accordingly. Get It Now!

This Month's Horoscope for Virgo:

This month your work shall be quite monotonous, but you will not get bored with it, foretells Ganesha. You shall be in high spirits and will try innovative ways of executing the same tasks to keep the excitement alive. However, at the back of your mind you shall be seriously thinking of finding yourself a job which will fascinate you more. In case, you are curious to know how your career will move forward, you can order fully personalised astrologer generated Birth Chart based Career Prospects Report. But that may take time, and in the meanwhile you shall keep working harder to improve your performance. You are likely to set the bar so high that others may find it difficult to emulate you. As a matter of fact you shall perform to your optimum level in all spheres of life, with a thoroughly positive frame of mind. You shall also be very street-smart, and should certain circumstances call for it, you shall not shrink from taking drastic steps such as even changing your whole life-style. All round, while this month may not be very positive for other Signs, it will prove to be favourable for you. 2015 Career ReportWe understand that your career is very very important to you. Will the recession and weak economy affect your career too ? How do you progress faster despite everything ? We can guide you. Get It Now!

General Features for Virgo:

Virgonians are industrious and rational people, doers who like to see tangible results. They are down-to-earth in the sense that they are very observant and detail-oriented. Moreover, they can be quite critical. Virgonians tend to be both precise and restless. With things that interest them, they are precise to the point of perfection. And yet they are restless, due to a strong nervous energy that calls for movement, activity and industry. This creates a paradox: They can be tidy regarding some things, but disorganized and messy regarding others. The latter especially applies when they are in too much of a hurry or are feeling particularly stressed. Virgonians don't like inactivity and can't sit still for a long time. Disorder upsets them, especially when it's created by other people or when people mess around with their possessions or misplace them. It's important that Virgonians develop their analytical faculties, such as in studying the art of communication or seeking a higher education. They also need to take good care of their nerves. A healthy diet is important in that respect.

Virgo In Love:

Virgo is particular, practical and realistic rather than romantic. Virgos are slow-burning fuses in the art of lovemaking. Once properly ignited, situations can lead to an explosion of white heat that takes quite a while to cool down. They are, however, very fastidious and critical of the personal habits of others, which can be a big turn-off and prevent them from achieving a fulfilling relationship, or even participating at all in the messy business of involvement. They are unwilling to discuss their innermost feelings with anyone save a very trusted confidante or lover. Anyone who wishes to get to know them deeply must be prepared to persevere, in which case they will prove a lifelong friend and ally or lover. Once Virgos have committed themselves to a lover, anyone showing interest in their lover is likely to spark a bout of jealousy. Overall, Virgos are devoted and readily willing to serve their mates.

Seducing a Virgo Men:

L'uomo Virgoan men are serious, severe and like quiet, simple and clever women. You must win their love with sweetness, cunning and patience. Make him feel that you need him. TIP: when you are with him, wear fashionable dark dresses.

Seducing a Virgo Women:

Virgoan women are smart, beautiful, rational and serious. To win her love you need time and constance, but it will be worth while! She likes clever conversations, true and faithful love. TIP: at your first date bring her to a classical concert.

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