Below is a list of the most viewed Iranian Music Videos on YouTube. View counts are received directly from the official page of an artist or the music label’s channel on Youtube. Since Youtube is the trusted source for comparing view counts on the Internet, we believe this section would help artists, labels and users get an accurate sense of how different videos compare to one another not only on Bia2, but also worldwide! As the leader and the oldest Persian music website in the industry, we strongly suggest other Iranian websites to switch to youTube and follow the path we started to help artist / labels keep 100% control of their contents while helping them generate more revenue, which can be used toward the next great videos. To find out more about our Youtube Integration and how artists and labels can benefit from it please click here!
Ey Joonam
Sami Beigi
Views: 1,489,360
Donya Maleh Maast (Ft Erfan)
Sami Beigi
Views: 691,214
In Eshghe
Sami Beigi
Views: 52,758
Ahang e To
Sami Beigi
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