Mahsa- ”Ageh Beri…”

Caltex Records

By now you all must have heard about the new Persian POP sensation Mahsa and seen her charming video-clips on different TV-stations. Mahsa is one of the few artists that is truly gifted with numerous talents. A celestial voice, classic beauty and an outstanding personality! Now it is time for that highly awaited debut album from this beautiful and multi-talented “ANGEL of Persian POP”! It is titled “Ageh Bery…(If You Go…)” and is released by the legendary CALTEX RECORDS. The album takes you to a journey across different exciting musical landscapes, from NRG, EURO, POP to HOUSE. It has 6 songs altogether and most of them are powerful POP-related compositions that is colorfully incorporated with melodies that travel into various DANCE genres. So it’s not just another Persian POP or DANCE album, but rather a fusion of the most popular styles in one solid release.

The originality of the sound is much more distinct compared with other contemporary Persian productions. The album is considered POP/DANCE and about 50% of the album is actually DANCE-oriented tunes. But not only pure DANCE tunes fill the album, you will also find slower, ballad-like tunes. Music that you don’t only or necessarily dance to, but simply love to listen to. Because the soul of the album is lyrics dressed in extremely beautiful and sensual words.Be prepared to get frenzy over hypnotic lyrics, breathtaking sounds, fiery tilt synth-lines and an unique and angelic female vocal provided by the one and only Mahsa! The album oscillates between softer and more upbeat ballads. The reason why I call the upbeat love songs ballads, is simply because they too are songs to contemplate and to listen to. Most tunes in this album do follow such pattern. They all tell a story, a story of LOVE and Mahsa’s gorgeous and sensual voice fits the mood perfectly and adds smoothly to the drama.

The first track on the album is “Esm-e-Toe (Your Name)”, a true dynamic and upbeat tune with some EURODANCE-based soaring and blasting synth work and powerful beat. The melody-line is haunting. It’s an engaging club smash with true HIT-potentiality. In my opinion one of the best if not the best DANCE tune from this album! An interesting combination of rhythm and vocal with some heavy usage of extraordinary powerful electronic instruments. A perfect NRG-etic beginning to the dynamic content of the album.

The album continues then with "Eshghe Man (My Love)". It is a musical masterpiece with hypnotic melodic lines and driving synths that sends the melody soaring. I love the lush strings and some subtle pianos flourishing over wonderful baselines with an incredible feeling of philharmonical orchestration. Simply fantastic! Truly a beautifully crafted ballad.

The third tune "Ageh Bery (If You Go)" falls into the same category as the first song. Recorded in semi-EURO tune combined with POP elements. Another impressive NRG-charged fare with sizzling synth work and gorgeous melody. Another example of DANCE tune that combines energy with dramatic mood. It’s a tune that fits the club scenes, as well as a romantic evening at home.

Next comes "Ghesse (Story)", if you haven’t heard it before, here is your chance! This song starts as a slow tune but not for a long time, it blasts into a stunning POP/HOUSE marvel. Follows almost same pattern as "Eshghe Man", but it corners more into DANCE oriented POP. It’s an extra hot tune for fans of NRG. One of the most interesting tunes in this album in my opinion. Truly phenomenal. This one is so powerful that it will blow your mind!

It is followed by "Safar (Journey)", a mid-tempo fare with a leading drum section influenced by HIP HOP music. It is a clever hybrid of EURO and HIP HOP, with same magical synths that dominates in "Ageh Bery". Truly a mesmerizing trip to the DANCE world with beautiful melodies. Simply Gorgeous!

The album finally closes beautifully with “Bad-e-Man (After Me)”. A solidly mesmerizing ballad to calm you down. Slow, cooling out, down-tempo fare, a perfect finish for the high pace beats you encountered during the album. Perfect tune to dance body-to-body to!

Mahsa’s "Ageh Bery…" delivers beautiful romantic lyrics courted by wonderful and smashing music line. This is NRG-etic POP with prominent vocal sections. Excellent production and extremely elegant sound! It really has a wide range of styles featured, and even if the styles vary the melody is present in all of them. Basically the album achieves to bridge Persian POP and other styles into one solid production. All the album’s beautiful lyrics are written by the young and talented songwriter Paksima and the music is composed by no others than THE BEST OF THE BEST! Siavash Ghomeyshi, Manoochehr Chesmazar and Hamid. Along with gorgeous arrangements conducted by Shahram Azar, Manoochehr Chesmazar, Steve McCrum and Shubert Avakian.

This production is (in my humble opinion) the BEST released this millenium! But any comparison to other Persian albums would really be superficial, because this album has its own value and authentic identity. It has its own unique charisma and feeling. The music is harmonic, the vocal is caressing and the melody line is enchanting. Simply a MASTERPIECE!
Taken together this is a timeless creation with huge HIT-potentiality. No single filler on this one! Virtually every featured title is at superb quality. An absolutely frenzy 6-song-package that while fulfilling your desire for authentic and beautiful music, leaves you begging for more! However the quality over the quantity would truly be a mark for this release.
The debut album from Mahsa is definitely a long-awaited happening for the Persian POP/DANCE scene. An album that I strongly recommend to all of you who enjoy romantic lyrics and energetic sound, topped with sensual female vocal. Beautiful music, masterfully balanced, makes this an attractive offering to anyone who likes quality Persian POP music and any one who is in LOVE!

Now, this review should give you an idea of what Mahsa’s album is all about. So enjoy her unique talent, listen to the music and BUY the album to show your support for this talented artist! I am 100% sure that this is only the beginning and we are going to hear MORE … much much more from Mahsa in the future.

Every once in a millennium a star is born, but this star is destined to shine FOREVER!!
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Thank you once again for your precious time and attention!

Review by: Pourya E.

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