Nima- ”Saayeh”

Avang Music Co.

“Saayeh” is the second full-length album from Nima and it is released like its forerunner, “Booseye Penhoon”, by the Avang Music Co.. A record company that has come to be famous for its low-quantity, but very high-quality releases these past few years!

Nima has gone through a minor change IMAGE-wise, not musically, since his arrival to US, from Europe years ago!! From being a “Longhaired REBEL”, to the “Distinguished Gentleman” look that he has adopted these days!! A look that in my opinion suits his friendly face and appearance, and also the unthreatening tone of his smooth and lovely voice, PERFECTLY!! So well done Nima jan!!
In fact these particular features have made him, not only to one of the most popular male TV-personalities, but also anyyyyyyy Iranian mother-in-law’s ideal for a PERFECT “Daamad”!!!(*LOL*)…I actually know this for a FACT!!!

The new 8-track-album is produced and arranged by the talented songwriter/producer, Shubert Avakian, who has in my opinion been responsible for Leila Forouhar’s last decade of successful HITS!! But for the main musical/lyrical spine of the album stands no one else than Nima himself, along with other talented artists like Ramin Zamani, Shirazi. And just like the previous album Nima has included one of our young and lovely poets’, Maryam Heydarzadeh’s delicate pieces!

The first song is very dynamic! The gorgeous title-track starts off with a STRONG female choir!! Very late 80s/ early 90s…Nice indeed!! This song actually reminds me of two other HIT-songs!! One which stands for the musical frame of the fare is actually an older Avakian-track!! Leila’s “Man o To”, which Avakian once produced beautifully as the “Persian Techno”!! The other, which I think MIGHT have given the inspiration to the refrain, is Mansour’s “Ayene”!! But still this is a potential HIT-song, with an own solid identity!!

The perfect second song, “Dooset darm Divooneh”, is MY favorite song of the album!! I am a Latin Freestyle FANATIC and the intro and refrain of this lovely track are so close to my heart!! An engaging Euro/HI NRG-sound with some of the latest LATIN-SAMBA inspired HARDCORE BEATS, a la FOOTBALL STADIUMS!! LOVELY!! CRAZY SUMMER LOVERS!!! This is your song…indulge!!

The third tune is so GHERIIIIII!! It is called “Bahaareh”, but according to Nima himself, many of our beautiful Iranian ladies can find this lovely DANCE-floor-filler as their OWN private song!!! “Ziba”, “Mahtab”, “Ghazaal”,…what are you all waiting for??!! Nima is serenading YOU ALL!!!

I guess that in every performing Iranian artist’s lifetime, there comes THE day when he/she realizes that an own special-occasion song is VITAL for the endurance of an artistic career!!!! An own song for BIRTHDAYS and WEDDINGS!!! “Aroos” arrives as Nima’s beautiful and old-school inspired WEDDING-song!!! VERY CUTE!!!

Now to the only ballad of the album, “Mosaafer”! It is a shame that Nima has decided to include only one ballad, specially since his smooth voice is made for such caressing ballads!! Mossafer’s beautiful melodies are created by Ramin Zamani, who lately has established himself as a BALLAD-WRITING-MASTER!!! And the fact that the underlying poem of the song is written by our lovely miss Heydarzadeh makes this dramatic track even more interesting and ROMANTIC!! The highlight of the song is the actual voice of Maryam at the bridge, reciting her delicate poem!! I only hope that this has been authorized by our young poet, since the last time she was in town she understandably complaint about some of our dear artists, who have used…actually abused her pieces without authorization!! Nima thanks her dearly on the album cover, so it is a great sign!! Merci Nima jan!!

The sixth song, “Sheytoonak”, is another Gheri-track!! It is a bit softer than usual, but yet soooooo beautifully smooth!! I love the old-school feeling that Nima gives to his songs, through the colorful melodies and arrangements!! Another DISCO or PARTY floor-filler!!

The next song is a TRANCE/EURO/NRG-hybrid with dominant HARDCORE BEATS and subliminal melodies!! “Delam Barat Tang Shodeh Bood”, is a bit different than the mainstream Iranian upbeat tracks…but very innovative and NICE!!!

The eight track is a CLUB MIX of “Aroos”, wisely done for all the appreciating DJs!! AFARIN!

Taken together, Nima’s new album is a perfect follower to his debut album! It follows the same pattern that he once has chosen as his trademark-sound!! These wills surly satisfy aaaaaaaaall of his loyal fans! And some new ones too!!!
Energetic dance tunes along with a caressing ballad, make this album a complete and beautiful collection!!
My only humble suggestion would be in regards to the arrangements. I think that an increased usage of fuller melodies in direct courtship of Nima’s smooth voice, would fill and support the lift of some segments, where they sometimes tend to remain left-alone and naked!!
Otherwise this is an album strongly recommended to all the Iranian POP music fans, specially the most loyal fans of Nima…all the future mother-in-laws!!(*LOL)!!

Review by: Pourya E.

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