Hooman Takav - “Khande Che Eybi Daare?”

Sarbang (Iran)
2004 (1383)

“Khande Che Eybi Daare?” is the title of Hooman Takav’s debut album, which he has composed and arranged entirely by himself. For the lyrics stand Davood Noroozi, Ali Ahmadi, Vali Ahmadi and Farnaz Afzal. “Khande Che Eybi Daare?” features 9 tracks and is released on Sarbang.

The album is kicked off by the title-track, “Khande Che Eybi Daare?” is a PROG-POP song with an arrangement reminiscent of Cheshmazar’s from the 80´s. a RETRO song with the ELECTRO-twist!

Next comes a PROGRESSIVE ARABESQUE piece with tangible Iranian features. I am especially impressed by the way Hooman has tried to build upon the old “Talaagh” sound with new directions! “Bahaane” is something that the LA-artists with similar ambitions should take a listen to.

“Aarezooye Dour” is an ELECTRO-spiced RETRO-POP ballad with cleaver DRUM-n-BASS elements in its arrangement! This song, just like the previous songs enjoys a FRESH arrangement but slightly weak composition.

Now back to the sound of the second track, “Radde Paa” is a song graced with RETRO-ROMANTIC flare and EASTERN MYSTICISM.

The harmonica opens the next ballad! ELECTRO-POP with a hybrid of REGGAE and HIP-HOP drum-loops. So far THE BEST song on the album composition-wise, arrangement-wise it’s equally lovely as the rest! “Behtarin Setaare” has subtle references to Siavash’s “Bachehaa”.

“Atre To” opens with its lyricist Ali Ahmadi’s declaiming! This is a long and mellow NEW-AGE inspired HARMONY-ROCK song with KENNY G.- and Ghomayshi-references.

It’s followed up by “Poshte Shahre Maa”, a mid-tempo ROCK-fare with the raging guitar and crying panpipes!

“Zire Asemoune Bi To” is a melodic and up-beat track with an ISHAN-inspired arrangement. The song enjoys a rather catchy chorus, enhanced with the chanting of the choir!

Unlike the current religious “trend” in LA, the seemingly “paradoxical” RELIGIOUS-POP pieces on the Iran-produced albums have always had a very interesting functional purpose! You can’t imagine what a powerful “catalyst” a simple hymn (Even a GHERI one!) to the religious personalities and a tribute to the martyrs can be in the “Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance’s” almost never-ending process of decision-making and its unpredictable outcomes! Something we have witnessed being delivered from all kind of artists lately, from the ARIAN to Mohammad Esfehani and Fereydoun! As the line “Galooye sarde chaah raa, dame To garm mikone …” indicates, is “Amire Koochehaaye Shab” a tribute-BALLAD to the Hidden Imam of Shi’im! …And most likely also Hooman Takav’s “key to a release”!!

Hooman Takav’s debut enjoys some very good vocals and GREAT arrangements! Especially when it comes to delivering FRESH and interesting MICRO-elements. But despite its strength, its blatant weakness in composition tends to drag it down from the top ledge! The ambition has been initially high, but the required refinement has not been achieved due to several technical reasons. It’s something unfortunately very common to the domestic products, which tend to mostly suffer from some kind of underdevelopment. But despite of all its shortcomings, I choose to recommend “Khande Che Eybi Daare?” to those who like to explore ”challenging albums”!

Artistic Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: +
Technical Quality: +
Aesthetic Presentation: --
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]


Review by: Pourya E.

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