Eilya Monfared- “Eilya”

Peyghaame Sahar (Iran)
2004 (1382)

While we’re waiting for Eilya Monfared’s second album, entitled ”Be Kasi Nagoo”, to obtain the release-permit from the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance, let’s take a closer look at his self-titled debut opus which came into process already back in 1376 under the working title ”Deltangihaaye Guitare Man”. Expect for a couple of lyrical and musical ”borrowings” this omnipotent artist, trained by masters like Mohammad Nouri and Armik, stands for the rest of the lyrics, compositions and the entire arrangements of the album. ”Eilya” holds 11 tracks and is released on Peyghaame Sahar.

The LATINO/CAUCASIA-n “Bi To Nemikhaam” sends its frenetic dancers into the ring and they kick off the album in a beautiful and energizing choreography! Everything about this ASLANI-an fare is PERFECT. I love the melancholic wailing imbedded!

The ensemble leaves the floor, but not the building, and that little hint of melancholy that were left behind in the dust starts to spread and fill the air! The gorgeously preformed and whistle-borne ”Gole Orchide” is a cover on a famous GREEK folk-ballad with a Mosaique of Mediterranean BLUES. This particular song has become the most air-played song from this album.

In honour of the first Imam of Shi’ism arrives the LATINO-PERSIAN ”Aaghaa Joon” with its minor electronic elements entwined with the 70’s-inspired POP-sound! The chanting choir underpin the lead vocals by their mantras and ZEKR of the mystiques. This beautiful Eilya-original has reportedly been covered by no other than the great AREF!

Initially meant to be the title-track, ”Deltangihaaye Guitare Man” opens with a Ghanbari-inspired declaiming and continues as a superb ASLANI-an guitar-led piece. A magnificent song indeed!

A beautiful and romantic SOFT-ROCK ballad generates the electric guitar-solo and accompanies this night-crying troubadour in his serenade of ”Hezaartaa Ghesse”! …so magical! You can definitely hear MASTER Armik’s influences in his talented apprentice!

”Aakharin Naame az Ghorbat” is a PINK FLOYD-ian song with beautifully integrated STRINGS and HORNS! This marvellous song is reportedly dedicated to the Iranian expatriates. What a unique mix of DRAMA and ENERGY!

Woohoooo!! The uplifting FRANCO-CONTINENTAL sound of the 60’s with its cinematic overtone and Angelic female choir embody Eilya’s ”Saayeboun”. Imagine a late summer day in the sunny Saint Tropez! …Oh, I better stop before I find myself in the nearest Travel Agency(*LOL*)! On the other hand, it’s never wrong to day-dream the cold winter away!! Is it!?! (laaa laa laa!! Pay no attention, That’s only the Francophilic ”moi” trying to sing along with the choir in falsetto!*LOL*)

Typically LATINO-Mediterranean opens ”Maadar” with its lullabyish-theme reminiscent of Shahyar Ghanbari’s ”Gole Laale”! I love the fact that Eilya has managed to turn his mother-tribute to an uplifting song!

”BiTo Besar Nemishavad” is a song based on the frequently employed and beautiful poem by the great RUMI! Yet another gorgeous ASLANI-an piece by Eilya.

The wind-bells play a harmonic tune. Inspired by the song of the ”Morghe Daryaee”, the troubadour plays a very beautiful and mellow song coloured with a blend of Mediterranean and Caribbean melodies. Truly a FEEL-GOOD song to wind down such a beautiful album to, especially with the soothing female voice at the end!

Even though it’s always a shame that such an album ends, but I was slowly getting out of synonyms for the adjective ”magnificent”! Because this is truly what Eilya’s album IS! …simply MAGNIFICENT!! Faramarz Aslani should no longer seek for an eligible successor worthy of the mantle and the title, because here he is! The romantic ”prince” in all his magnificent glory! Eilya is a full-fledged troubadour with a flawless, insane brilliance and a feverish intensity that makes blood race through the veins of emotions! He gives a whole new meaning to the term ”omnipotent”! And his ”Eilya” is a fully fleshed-out album, showcasing all the excellent talents of this young ”Master of Art” and delivering the entire alphabet of a PERFECT album! All the way from its simple A to its rarely achieved Z! Words have seldom managed to do the word ”Perfection” justice, …neither will they do so in Eilya’s case! Although only a debut, ”Eilya” might very well turn out to be Eilya’s marvellous statue of David, his mysterious La Gioconda or his revolutionary Ninth Symphony! His MAGNUM OPUS in other words!! Most offerings in this classic and conservative genre are usually limited to a certain target-group and tend to have difficulties to reach out to a broader public. Eilya’s LIBERAL and charming sound, on the other hand, is universal and flexible enough to do so! It’s not every day, or decade for that matter, that you get to hear such a MASTERPIECE of an international calibre coming from Iran! …or the Iranian industry in general! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that his follow up ”Be Kasi Nagoo” obtains its permit as soon as possible!

Note: special thanks to my dear friend Shahab.

Artistic Performance: +++
Artistic Ambition: +++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: ++
Ethical Adherence: +++
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Review by: Pourya E.

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