Shahram Sepehreh - “Lili Koo?”

IranGaam (Iran)
2004 (1383)

In a very Shahram Shabpareh-esque style …and even “name” comes Shahram Sepehreh riding on his motor bike! All grumpy and AKHMOO, looking for his long lost Lili! Get out of the way coz the man means business (*LOL*)!! In an elaborate collaboration with Omid Tajik as the composer brings Sepehreh 8 tracks in his debut collection, released on IranGaam.

As I said before, the man is on a righteous quest for his woman and “Lili Koo” is meant to assist him in his mission! The song blatantly derived from BONEY M’s MEGA-HIT “Daddy Cool” enjoys a very (for-the-Iranian-market) unusual but fresh ELECTRO/HI-NRG sound with sizzling melodies and soaring LATIN rhythms! Does the name Lili remind you of Black Cats’ dispute over their own Lili? Well, if YES then with every right! Because an entire chunk of this song is in fact derived from the B.C.-HIT!

“Khaanoom khaanooma” kicks off as a PROG-POP song with a less enchanting sound and approach. Did I mention the Shabpareh-esque factors? Here they are!!

Next comes a song that manages to live up to the rather high standard the first track sat! “Eshgh” is an ELECTRO-POP song a la early 90’s (Shahrum Kashani, Black Cats, …). With progressive BANDARI-inspired beats and spiral melodies. Vocally something of a weak performance by Sepehreh! It’s been a whiiiiiiile since I heard a tempo-break-down …Iranian-style! Outmoded … but still charming!

Wooohooo!! The 70‘s! “Shabe Daryaa” is an obvious Fereydoun AliKhani-inspired composition with its relative lyrics and arrangement. A fair and brave attempt, the best of its kind as a matter of fact! Nevertheless, NO ONE has YET managed to clone our NEW WAVE-composer!

“Kooche be Kooche” and the return of the ELECTRO-POP. In a GHERI fashion takes this song and its TAAR us back to the mid 80’s! I wonder if its Omid Tajik’s voice we hear at the chorus?!

The BLUES of the guitar open way in the room of smoke and melancholy! “Bi to Hargez”, a rather lovely ballad, leans on the compassion of the saxophone! Sepehreh’s vocal-style reminds here of Davood Naghoor‘s.

Was it Lili or Leila??!! Oh well, whoever it was that Sepehreh initially so desperately looked for it’s “Dokhtare Kadkhodaa” that is on the menu now (*LOL*)! GHERI and in-a-way also nostalgic is this well-arranged song a very potent HIT-nominee!

The Mix is not a simple album-filling “medley”, it is patched with new and clever elements which make it rather interesting to listen to! At least the first time! I like the male/female dialogue in the middle.

Shahram Sepehreh’s album does NOT enjoy a strong vocal talent, unfortunately is the entire vocal arrangement very weakly done! However, “Lili Koo?” shows strength when it comes to musicality. By its diverse and assorted range of styles to be exactly, topped with a rather thought-through arrangement! Overall is this an album worth a fair try, with many enjoyable moments imbedded! …Recommended!

Artistic Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: +
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: +++
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Review by: Pourya E.

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