Hooman Aghili- “Maa Dotaa?!”

IranGaam (Iran)
2004 (1383)

Hooman Aghili (allegedly a cousin of Shadmehr Aghili) has released his debut album entitled “Maa Dotaa?!” the album features collaborations with Maryam Salimi, Farzad Foroumand, Ebrahim Esmaili, Amir Hajili, Mehran Jamali Rad, Ali Ahadi, Amir Ghadyani and Bita Riyahi. “Maa Dotaa?!” contains 9 tracks and is released on IranGaam.

The album kicks off with ”Bezan Ghadesh” an AUTOTUNE-ridden LATINO-POP song that enjoys a good composition and arrangement but falls on the weaknesses in the vocal department!

”Baba To Dige Ki Hasti” seems to be THE popular song-title of 1383!! Because not only has two Iran based artists already delivered similar sounding tracks with the exact same title, but also the (I presume) LA-based singer Mehrshad who recently offered the stronger specimen of them all! Hooman’s song is built upon the old 2-speed formula. This is another nice song that suffers from flat vocals!

PROGRESSIVE (Turko-) ARABESQUE is the style of the next song. ”Negaahe Noghtechin” too is bound to that same dire condition as the previous tracks!

YESSS!!! A smooth LOVE BALLAD! As you already know by now, I am a sucker for ballads a la 80’s (preferably POWER-ROCK BALLADS)! Hooman can actually pull off the lead in this lovely track, with a little help from his female back-up vocalist of course! I like ”Tanhaa Faghat Baraaye To”.

Oooh what is this?! The song opens with a PROGRESSIVE FUNK inspired drum/bass and develops to a HI-NRG song with sizzling SYNTHs. Unfortunately is ”Lahze dar Behesht” a rather loosely composed tune and the addition of AUTOTUNE to the vocals doesn’t really solve the problem!

”Khodaa Bekhaad” is a subtle ELECTRO-BANDARI fare that is actually very nice in its way to match the vocals with the music! Unlike the previous songs on the album.

The next song continues with the rhythm of the previous song and a melody reminding of F. Amin’s ”Nastaran”! Could easily be ”morph-mixed” into each other by a DJ. God it sounds like a PROG. POP song!? And the experience says that if it sounds like one, it probably is one (*LOL*)! Although in a very balanced and subtle way! ”Talabkaar” actually reminds me of the GOLDEN sound of the 70’s, the compositions of Parviz Maghsadi and the 6/8-Group’s and late Afshin Moghadam’s SMOOTH POP songs! This is my personal favourite on the album.

The seducing violin allures out the ESHVEH and KERESHMEH! Now that I think of it, Hooman possess a hint of NASER’s voice, and it comes more obvious in these particular settings! ”Leyli & Majnoon” is another lovely song. Strangely enough, the strongest songs have ended up at the bottom of the album’s track-list!? Exactly what marketing-strategy lies behind this strange decision is beyond my comprehension!

OH LORD!! They have even put the strongest- and the most innovative track at the very end of the album!!!? The title-track ”Maaro Baash (Maa Dotaa)” is a lovely hybrid based on the PINK FLOYD-sound and served with a melange of electro-REGGAE/HIP-HOP and GYPSY/Eurasian influences! Despite its strong opening the song loses its original ambition towards the end and crash-lands!

Hooman Aghili’s “Maa Dotaa?!” is musically a rather strong album, the compositions are relatively FRESH and enjoy arrangements that go well with them. The main weakness lies instead in the vocal performance on the album. The rather FLAT vocals collide with the elevating music and drags it down along while crashing! Although Hooman’s vocal strength is on the same level as Farzad Foroumand’s (who also appears as a composer in this album), the CHARM Farzad enjoys in the fragility of his voice, Hooman is unfortunately not favoured by! Still I would rate this album as an AVERAGE album, due to its enjoyable strength in the musicality!

Artistic Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: +
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]


Review by: Pourya E.

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