Farhad JavaherKalam - “Faghat Khodam”

Aavaaye Nakisa (Iran)
2004 (1383)

Farhad JavaherKalam’s third album is now out and entitled “Faghat Khodam”. The album is a collaboration mainly between Farhad himself as a composer, Yaghma Golroee as the lyricist and Amir Ghadyani as the arranger. “Faghat Khodam” features nine tracks.

As I mentioned in the Hooman Aghili review, two other artists have preformed a song with the title “Baba To Dige Ki Hasti?!” and Farhad is one of them! An UP-BEAT dance song graced with the domestic industry’s commonly used and slightly bothersome “oh yeah, oh yeah” chants (mostly known from the Saffarian-productions)! This a rather nice song that strangely enough reminds of both its rivals even musically!

Next comes a song based on the Persian POP/Afghan POP hybrid sound with a hint of the “To Azize Delami” flavour! Reminds partly of one of the Iran-based Mahshar’s songs. “Faghat Khodam, Faghat Khodet” is yet another good song!

The album’s most interesting experimental hybrid is “Yek Kalaam, Khatme Kalaam” which is a cross between EURO-NRG and vocal-/EURO-TRANCE a la Fereydoun’s “Biaa Berim”. A rather interesting piece of electronic music indeed!

An EBI-esque RETRO-ROMANTIC ballad called “Hegh Heghe Talkh” dims the lights and delivers a rather dramatic experience! Farhad has always had EBI-sound-alike tendencies and those are more than obvious particularly in such settings!

Another strong song on the album is yet another EBI-esque song entitled “Bikhiaali”! Not really a RETRO-ROMANTIC song but rather a song with the NRG-DRAMAtic sound of the late 70’s and early 80’s. I must say that I love this song and the fact that Farhad has managed to experiment on the old formula and deliver a commercially well-structured song!

“Nagoo Doostam Nadaashte Baash” delivers a strong BANDARI-inspired song a la 80’s with a nice ELECTRO garnish here and there! Yet another commercially strong song.

Next comes another version of “Hegh Heghe Talkh”, instrumentally more naked but enhanced with RAIN and THUNDER sound-effects! Provides the listener with an alternative: A DRAMATIC …or an even MORE DRAMATIC experience?!!

Earlier I detected a subtle hint of “To Azize Delami” in Farhad’s songs, now its time for the song that is blatantly based on that very same Mansour song! The song is “Hichki Toro Doost Nadaare” and is as I said a “To Azize Delami” WANNABE! …but a GOOD one!

The album ends then with a plain and patched up “medley” presented as a MIX! Nothing remarkable really!

What can I say, I truly enjoyed Farhad’s album! Despite the sound-alike tendencies and puritan RETRO-ROMANTIC aspirations in the past he has managed to equip his latest collection with a very pleasant and balanced “diversity”, which offers the listener a rather wide range of styles and sounds and thereby also avoids to have himself labelled as a sound-alike and his album filed under “monotonous”! Farhad has managed to experiment on the old formulas and deliver a commercially well-structured but still enough experimental songs! “Faghat Khodam” is recommended as a VERY GOOD album to the fans of music.

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: --
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]


Review by: Pourya E.

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