Farshid Rashida - “Doroughgoo”

IranGaam (Iran)
2004 (1383)

Time to review Farshid Rashida’s debut album ”Doroughgoo”. An album in collaboration with Maziar Taghibeyk, Saeed Dabiri, Akbar Azad, Mehdi Zanganeh, Farhang Ghasemi, Soheila Mohamadinia, Marjan Zanganeh, Elham Hosseini and Nima Nourmohammadi. “Doroughgoo” features 10 tracks and is released on IranGaam.

”Vade” opens the album as a PROG. POP song a la 80’s. The song features several back-up vocalists, among them a distinct female voice with a tone reminiscent of Shohrehs’! A nice specimen of a style that has by now faded to grey!

The song is then followed up by ”Hamsaayeh” which maintains the tempo and spirit of the speedy opener! If nothing else, these two songs have by now given the fans of this particular generic brand of frenetic POP value for their money!

Things get suddenly more interesting when the title-track ”Doroughgoo” arrives! The song, less speedy than its predecessors, opens with Indian influences and continues as a more FAROKH AHI-esque production! Mekabiz song with the exact same title is brought to mind courtesy of the choir arrangement!

”Aarezoo”, a DRAMATIC ballad with that HABIB-ian 70’s melancholic ROCK flair and a classy CONTINENTAL undertone! Yet another appearance by the same sweet-singing lady who I’m sure would have been a full-fledged Shohreh-sound-alike if only the regulations had allowed it! So far the best song on the album, in terms of musical consistence. Just listen to the dreamy whispering of the harmonica …AAH!!

To add some BANDARI-spices to the album, ”Parastoo” flies in and brings on its wings a rather minimalistic song with an ELECTRO-touch! A rather typical sound delivered in the domestic industry as a matter of fact!

The album’s PROG. POP sound assumes a low-key profile in ”Palange Aashegh”, a song closer to Shahram Shabpareh’s good old sound from the 70’s! Again, this was THE sound that today’s domestic PROG. POP music once originated from! This is a duet between Farshid Rashida and a guest vocalist with a slight SHABPAREH-sound-alike tendency! Surprised? In this particular setting ..not really!! A nice song though!

So far I’ve only picked up some ”minor” Dariush-orientations in Rashida’s vocal ornamentation, but in ”Baraadar” the sound-alike tendencies seem to have overpowered any other and managed to dominate supreme! If you have heard Nader’s debut album you will recognise the FRANCO-CONTINENTAL DISCO/HOUSE sound of this beautiful song! Along with ”Aarezoo”, this is my personal favourite from the album!

”Termeh” is, as it is entitled, a rather traditional POP song reminiscent of the 80’s Nojooki/Cheshmazar sound! Full of ESHVEH and KERESHMEH is the violin-laden duet between Farshid Rashida and Mehdi Zanganeh whose ornamentation reminds of Mehrdad Asemani’s!

Once again and for the last time reminding us of Rashida’s orientation towards Dariush comes ”Daryaayi”. Originated by Far-Eastern influence the multi-paced song soon branches out into the several styles! HARMONY POP style of the 70’s with Mediterranean spices! A nice but slightly inconsistent song!

To round it all off comes a DJ MIX that is not really a medley, but neither is it an interesting work of art either!

Farshid Rashida’s album is probably one of the last albums to feature an overdose of PROG. POP style, since this album was released a while ago and since then not many of such albums have been released! Considering the trend of the time it was released around, this album is a rather generic but material- and production-wise a rather GOOD collection! A relatively wide rang of styles, despite the PROG. POP overtone, makes it definitely worth a try! I am more than sure that you too will find a couple of personal favourites on ”Doroughgoo”, since the album has got a little something for ”almost” everyone!

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: +
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: +++
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Review by: Pourya E.

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