Behnam Safavi - ”Begoo Doostam Daari”

MehrPooyanNava (Iran)
2004 (1383)

After the relative success of his instrumental OPUS ”Tamaame Royaahaaye Man”, the composer/arranger Behnam Safavi is back to offer us an all-vocal album backed up by a team of 4 female/1 male vocalists/musicians. The rest of the album’s lyrical material is contributed by Taha and Reza Neghabat. Entitled ”Begoo Doostam Daari”, the collection features 10 tracks and is released on the small label of MehrPooyanNava.

Starting off with a violin-laden Euro-inspired NRG fare entitled ”Bahoone”. The sound is reminiscent of Karma’s ”Safar” and while the song is consisted of finely produced parts, as a whole the production lacks that unifying factor in its vocal and musical arrangements. Still a charming tune to enjoy! Lovely performances by the female choir and the violinist.

The piano opens the harmonious FEEL-GOOD song ”Khorshide Rooz”. With a JAZZy undertone the song carries out its mission and strikes one somewhat ARIAN-ian in its positive vibe and approach!

The same CHEER-UP (almost Christian POP/ROCK!) sound picks up pace and with a twist of the TV theme-musicality it delivers ”Paskooche”!

About time to shift gear and change style to something more PERSIAN and of course GHERIIIIIII!!! ”Aashenaa” is so far the most well-produced song on the album with that nostalgic reference to the 80’s! a very lovely tune indeed.

Now, thinking that you’ve probably had enough of this sound already, Behnam and the crew get back to the original ROCK (& ROLL) style of the album! Although here with a more distinct JAZZy flavour! ”Khaste” is a nice song but one cant help but to feel disappointed, especially having it after the previous song!

What do you know, they heard our prayers and decided to deliver a PERSIAN ELECTRO-POP song with BANDARI-influences for the title-track ”Begoo Doostam Daari”! Again, a very thought through production and the result is indulging.

Yet another specimen of the album’s main sound is embodied in ”Khaahesh”. Production-wise one of its better representatives so far.

By now we’ve realised that this album is about ”zigzagging” mainly between two different styles and based on this routine we know that we are to expect a HARMONY POP song as the 8th track! ”Man o To” is a lovely ARIAN-ian one that we get to enjoy this time. A song with an outstanding instrumentation!

So, …everything is clear? If not, then by all means feel free to review the album so far while we get to enjoy an INSTRUMENTAL version of ”Khorshide Rooz”! Thankfully is the ladies’ soothing contribution to the song left to enhance the pleasure!

And perhaps the best track is left for the grand finale! ”Maahe Man” is a very mellow and soothing serenade, to soften you up and perhaps to allure out a little smile onto the corner of your lips! …you never know!! This song should be equipped with a SING-ALONG WARNING (*LOL*)!!!

This is yet another album that started off average yet developed and grew to be truly GOOD, eventually! As I mentioned earlier, the album basically zigzags between two different styles and while delivering one of them with charm and excellence, the other suffers from an inconsistency that is at times somewhat bothersome to the listener! On the other hand that particular music is more experimental and if you are more into odd styles and sounds, that special future of the album will still your craving for sure! Overall an album to be recommended to the fans of domestic music, the HARMONY POP style of the Girl/Boy-Bands in particular!

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: +
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: ++
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]


Review by: Pourya E.

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