Saeid - “Baa Man”

Taraneh Enterprises Inc.
2005 (1384)

Time to review the debut-album by an old school-mate of mine. The first time I heard Saeid playing the drums was back in 1988 (YES!! I’m THAT old!!*LOL*) and it was in an Iranian teenage POP-quartet called the “MEGA 4“! In recent years we have witnessed him not only as a member of Shahrum Kashani’s band, but also performing solo under the stage name “Ramin”! Already back in 1999, he performed a song entitled “Chanteh” on a NOROOZ SHOW. Today, however, he has decides to release his debut-album entitled “Baa Man” under his real name and in collaboration with Mohammad Moghadam, Odet, Taraneh Mokaram, Masoud Fardmanesh, Mansour Tehrani, Abi Yeganeh, Fred Mirza, Shahyad, Elton Farokh Ahi and of course my good old friend and childhood classmate Amir Mirali! The album features 8 tracks and is released on Taraneh Enterprises Inc..

The Greek SUPERSTAR Notis Sfakianakis has had numerous of his pieces used unethically and illegally in the Iranian Industry! The man has already had two of his songs “Pare Me” and “To Finale Tis Kardias” PLAGIARISED by Shadmehr Aghili (means basically that Shadmehr has declared himself as the composer of these songs, while he in fact is NOT!!!) as “Dele Divoone” and “Baavar”! And now its time for his MEGA-HIT “Opa Opa” to be adapted into Persian WITHOUT ANY CREDIT AT ALL to either the singer or the composer Giorgos Alkaios!! Saeid’s adaptation entitled “Doone Doone” is basically, down to its minor details, derived from the Greek/Swede duo ANTIQUE’s cover-version on the song, which in its on right became a huge HIT back in 1999! “Doone Doone” features also Andy as a back-up vocalist.

“Khooneye Man” is a semi-Nationalistic/Nostalgic POP-fare. Upbeat and contemporary, yet very OLD-SCHOOL in its overall approach and jargon. Very COOL and lovely, one of my personal favourites!

Next comes a HYBRID of mainstream VOCAL-TRANCE and the German HI-NRG sound entitled “Baa Man Bemoon”! A fairly well-created song that just like the previous songs should have been further underpinned around its chorus.

Now to a song by the Sweden-based creative duo Mansour Tehrani and Abi Yeganeh! “Havaaye Bandar” is a commercially well-produced BANDARI-fare with a very clean and nostalgic HOOK. At times reminiscent of Shahrum Kashani’s BANDARI-songs, arrangement-wise!

“Rafti” is a LATINO-POP tune with an excellent female-choir performance. But the strength and boost it enjoys in the choir department throughout the verse, it lacks almost entirely around the chorus! Another weak feature of the song is its unavoidable references to Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailamos”!

Take the old DREAM HOUSE groove and mix it with a pinch of contemporary VOCAL-TRANCE, you’ll then find yourself in “Eshghet To Ghalbam Neshast”! A nice track with subtle references to the old CLUB-SMASH “Because the Night”!

My favourite song on the album is a HARMONY POP song in collaboration with my good old friend Amir Mirali! While we hear similar ARIAN-ian songs coming from Iran, it should be mentioned that Saeid is one of the first (if not THE first!) US-based artists who has employed it on an album! Production-wise the most elaborate piece on the album.

To hire Farokh Ahi for a DANCE MIX medley has never been a decision that an artist has lived to regret! Neither will it be so in Saeid’s case!

At the risk of sounding biased, I must admit that I truly enjoyed Saeid’s debut album! It might sound very strange to many ears, but back in the late 80’s there was this certain energy and positive vibe overwhelming the aspiring teenage artists in Sweden, and listening to “Baa Man” I was truly amazed to hear how well Saeid has managed to preserve that nostalgic feeling and integrate it in his current music! You might have noticed that “Chanteh” along with other previously preformed songs by “Ramin” are not featured on the album! Whatever reason there might be behind this exclusion, I must say that it was a rather wise decision to make! Because today those songs would have sounded outdated and out-of-place in a progressive collection like this! Except for the sad case of “Opa Opa/Doone Doone” the main thing this album suffers from is the fact that its choruses are at times left flat by having Saeid’s lead-vocals loose and undermined! These could have been further underpinned and boosted for a more exhilarating song experience! In other words, the album possesses plenty clean HOOKS, yet almost no pure CLIMAX! Nevertheless, Saeid’s “Baa Man” is a very good debut that is recommended to the fans of DANCE- and progressive music!

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: -
[ +++ > --- ]


Review by: Pourya E.

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