Essi - “Ghaboul Ghaboul”

2005 (1384)

The list of credits on Essi’s debut album is filled with the names of well-known HIT-MAKERS such as Farshid Amin, Amir Badakhsh, Cyrous Aliabadi, Manouchehr Cheshmazar, Shahyad, Hatef, Kaveh Haghighi and Alen G Nazarian. The 7-track album is entitled “Ghaboul Ghaboul” and is released on PARS VIDEO U.S.A.

The albums starts off with the title-track. “Ghaboul Ghaboul”, which is a very familiar-sounding PROGRESSIVE Arabo-Andalusian song with a decent HIT potential! This is a rather good production which works just fine as an opener. The song sounds just too familiar, …hopefully I wont hear about an original in the future!

Next comes a song that is an obvious tail-rider on Mansour’s ”To Azize Delami”! If nothing, the music-video of ”Azize Mehraboun” speaks for itself! This is a clean production that is far from fresh and engaging!

Now to the most famous song of the album and also its ”controversial” feature! The song dedicated to the popular tourist destination of the Iran-based middle-class and the also the latest lucrative market of the LA-based entertainment industry, is just like the location itself subject of a heated debate! ”Dubai Dubai” is a BANDARI-fare with Arabic KHALIJI-influences imbedded. This song serves the Dubai Ministry of Tourism even better than any custom-made advertisement-JINGLE! I think Essi should ask for economic compensations if he hasn’t already (*LOL*)! Whether its politically incorrect or controversial, the reality remains that this city is slowly but surely turning to what Miami became for the Exile-Cubans back in the 50’s! The same phenomenon creates a market for songs of a similar kind that can help the tourists reminiscing their goodtimes in DUBAI with a ”soundtrack”!

No matter how POP-oriented Essi’s songs might be, there is a certain KOOCHE-BAZARI (K/B) -quality to his voice and ornamentation that he just cant shake off! Not even if he wanted to! This is an updated K/B-sound that gets to be embodied in a song called ”Gole Naaz”. Somewhat outmoded in its details but still a decent production that will appeal to the OLD-SCHOOL fans!

”Fariba” is a song based on a melange of traditional folklore melodies and themes. Very 80’s as a matter of fact! Target group: the same as the previous track!

A PROGRESSIVE ARABESQUE/ -ETHNO fare is the last in line of the original tracks on the album! ”Bezan Baroon” is another clean production which will appeal to you especially if you like the K/B twist in the modern music!

The albums rounds off with an alternative version of the title-track. It should be mentioned that even though the album cover says ”slow version” its not a ”slow” song per definition! In fact the pace is almost the same, but the elements are less, softer and rounder around the edges! An upbeat semi-CHILL OUT track.

Essi has managed to compile a collection of rather decent material by various renowned artists, which itself is an achievement to be encouraged! But the material is far from homogenous in quality! This very same factor decides whether the album can make it commercially or not! I have no doubt that we’ll get to hear songs like ”Ghaboul Ghaboul” and ”Dubai Dubai” popping up in dance floors even years from now, but whether the album manages to convince buyers to making it a commercial success remains to be seen! What Essi needs to do is to come to a settlement style-wise and to refine! Refine and then …re-refine! Half of the material sounds relatively refined and thought through, but the other half crude and misplaced! He tries to crossover from K/B to POP, both with the music and his image, but the transition is neither complete neither does it sound like wanting so!

Artistic Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: +
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: --
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]


Review by: Pourya E.

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