Saeed Shayesteh- ”Ghasre Geli ”

Independent Release (Sweden)

In these rather silent days of LA based companies, let us turn to the European arena for a distinguished release! Saeed Shayesteh’s “Ghasre Geli” from Sweden. Saeed has lately been one of the most active performers of the Swedish stages! And his debut album has received an amazing attention and support from the people!! His fans are of all ages, and the radio stations and DJs are bombarded with their frequent requests!
In absence of strong and active Europe-based labels, “Ghasre Geli” is not released by any specific label. It is written and released by Saeed himself!! The arrangements are by Farhad Arbabi, who is also one of the producers along with another Farhad, Farhad Zand! However, there has been a plan to release this album under the title, “Ketaabe Sarnevesht”, from the US based record company TARANEH. But because of different reasons this release has been postponed!

Saeed is a POP music artist, but with a strong leaning towards the Iranian Arabesque sound!!! People have asked me about the origin of what I call the “Iranian Arabesque”! Well the origin of all Arabesque styles is the Arabic music, and its hybridization with the local music of other Middle Eastern countries and mainly Mediterranean countries, has given birth to what today is called “Arabesque”. The best examples can bee seen in Greek and Turkish music, which are derived directly from the Arabic sound! The Iranian Arabesque sound is on the other hand influenced by its Turkish counterpart!! So it’s not really a coincidence that Ibrahim Tatlises and Omid sound very similar!!! Today the Turkish and Iranian Arabesque genres have learned to coexist in a symbiotic relationship!

So, not very unlikely this Arabesque star’s album too starts with an Arabesque song, “Ketaabe Sarnevesht”!! A Turkish original has actually inspired this particular song, according to Saeed himself! This song is a slow ballad, and is enhanced with an oral presentation of the album as its intro! A concise breeze of eastern melodies distinguishes this lovely song! Fans of such style will adore this track!!!

Now, with the second track Saeed takes a half step towards the Iranian POP, but keeps the other foot still in the Arabesque!! The result is “Azizam Kojayi”, a wonderful song with energetic turns and magical violin a la BIJAN!!! This song is very GHERI and falls in the same genre as Saman’s “Shamdooni” and “Ghanaari”! LOVELY REFRAIN!! The ladies LOVE this track! One of the most requested songs on the radio!!!

The third tune is a SMASHING HIT-song!!! It is a true floor-filler!! No DJ can go through a gig without playing this marvel!!! And let me tell you that NOT a single “kamar” can stand still when “Dokhtar Tehrooni” is being played!! Not a chance!!! This is PROGRESSIVE IRANIAN POP, when it’s at its BEST!!! “Gole boose roo labaash…noore khorshid too cheshaash…bekhoda del ro mibord…sorkhie roo goonehaash…khandido naaz baram mikard vali…mano mikosht ba ghashangie negaash…raghsido eshveh oomad oon naghola…ke divoonash shodam man tahalaa…Dokhtar tehrooni…divoonam kardi…dokhtar tehrooni…bikhoonam kardi…”!!!! Akh khoda az dahanet beshnave Saeed jan!!*LOL* I’m sure that all those who have been in love with a dokhtar Tehrooni agree with us!!!

Now back to the Arabesque sound!!! “Asheghet Hastam” sounds like a crossing between Susan Roshan’s semi-Arabesque song, “Dokhtare Ariyaayi”, and “Aria”! Nice male choir!!!

The fifth song is a mid-tempo fare with an “Eshveh/Kereshmeh-WARNING”!!! “Dele Saade”, enjoys wonderful male/female choir and a soaring violin!! “In aasheghiam kaare to bood…ey dele bikas!!”. Very traditional!!

Now to the title track of the album and the BEST ballad!!! “Ghasre Geli” is so beautifully heart-caressing, that is gives the listener Goosebumps!! If you have ever had a childhood sweetheart, this song and its powerful lyrics will NOT leave your eyes dry for long!!! A drop will eventually fall! Out of joy…out of sadness…out of AFFECTION!! The highlight of the song comes with the dramatic reciting at its bridge!!! WOW is an understatement!!! Old-school arrangement a la Farrokh Ahi! GORGEOUS…GORGEOUS!!

The seventh song, “Ey Yaar”, is a BANDARI-fare, which reminds of the other Saeed’s famous song “Mesle Goli”!! If you liked that one, you’ll love this one!!!

The last song is also a BANDARI-track!! Saeed is actually very unconventional in this regard!! His album starts with a ballad and finishes with a up-tempo song!! “Raana” is also lovely and does what a BANDARI-fare should do, put “gher-s” to “kamar-s” and “larzesh” to the “sineh-s”!!*LOL*!

Altogether, this is HIGH QUALITY music!! Everything about this release is flawless!!! Not only for an independent release, but for an Iranian release, period!!! And to be honest I am both AMAZED and IMPRESSED!!
I myself am not a big fan of the Arabesque sound personally, but Saeed manages to attract even someone like me!! No wonder why his music is so mass-appealing!! And it should also be mentioned that Saeed has got a very smooth, firm and pleasant voice that warms the soul!!!
This is a hard-to-get-album!!! But simply worth every money spent on it!! A marvel for any Iranian music lover! Hopefully the album will be released worldwide in the near future, but until then you can contact Saeed via following address:
P.O. BOX 1369, 164 24 Kista, SWEDEN

* In absence of the original cover image, a still-shot from Saeed’s video clip is displayed on top of the page. Courtesy of IRMTV.COM.

Review by: Pourya E.

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