Farzad Farzin - “Sharareh”

Navaaye Raameshe (Iran)
2005 (1383)

Although being one of the founders and original members of the COROUZ group, Farzad Farzin left the band prior to the release of their debut album and was replaced by Shervin Sohrabian. Farzin later started to prepare an own album which has today, after numerous revisions in terms of content, title and label, come to be released as “Sharareh”. The collection is mainly the work of Yashar Sabahi, Arzhang Haghani, Arash Masoudpour and of course Farzad himself as the composer of most titles! The latest edition of the album features 9 tracks and is released on Navaaye Raameshe.

While leaving COROUZ Farzin brought with him all titles he had created for the group. One of these titles is “Sharareh” which reportedly does not refer to a girl-name but rather to the fire-sparkle! Now weather this is an excuse to avoid troubles with the authorities or not, we don’t know. The song itself is musically and vocally a pure COROUZ-sounding song. A traditional EURO-TECHNO tune devoted to the popular genre of the 90’s. Needless to mention is this THE HIT of the album, already being broadcasted on the LA-based satellite televisions in video format. Actually it was there where I first heard and saw Farzin performing!

“Toloo” too is a song with the COROUZ sound. A guitar-centric MELODY POP tune with LATIN influences. Rhythmic, yet mellow delivered with a vocally balanced performance by Farzin. One of my personal favourites.

Written by its lyricist Ezzati as a Farwell song marking the departure of his beloved from the country, “Sally” is a LOVE BALLAD with a 70’s EBI-esque undertone! This song was actually the last song on the list of the album’s recordings, replacing a mystical song entitled “Khodaa” which was lost due to technical unfortune! By the way, the title and theme of this song prove that one can write and sing songs dedicated to ladies!

Next comes another song that was originally created to be on COROUZ debut album! “Setareh” is an OLD-SCHOOL 6/8 song. A well-composed and well-preformed HIT with a nostalgic vibe.

“Shahre Man” being the initial working-title of this album is another NRG song with the COROUZ flavour and some “Bezan Berim” influences imbedded! Is it only me or does Farzin have some FROUGHI-sound-alike tendencies?!

A romantic and well-crafted BALLAD entitled “Man o To” comes in time to calm you down. The chorus had a very subtle melodic reference to some song that I just can’t put my finger on, after hours of HERS-KHORI I still haven’t been able to put my finger on what song it is *LOL*! Eh, let me enjoy the clarinet for a while! …daraaram daraaaraaam …

Thank God we haven’t heard the PROG POP sound for a while now, but another thing that the domestic industry should give a rest for a while is the pseudo-SWING JAZZ sound! Starting with subtle but still tangible references “Ghaased” soon turns into a POWER POP song of an OLD-SCHOOL calibre! A very interesting bridge with a hectic melange of ETHNIC/LATIN ingredients.

“Mashoughe Siyaahi” starts off with a borrowed classic piece as an interlude! This is a DARK/DRAMATIC piece with a ROCK overtone and a COROUZ undertone.

An old but newly arranged song with no ID-tag has been covered by Farzin as “Shalizaar”! I have no idea to whom this 70’s tune belongs ….but maybe YOU know?! A rather nice folk-oriented tune.

”Sharareh” deserves a VERY GOOD mark for its elaborate arrangements and performances, the musical performance in particular! The parallels with COROUZ are both inevitable and highly tangible, but not at all strange considering that the man has been one of the main founders of the project. However, Farzin’s album is more if a versatile nature with a wide range of styles and some pure 6/8 tracks for the market’s demand. And considering his ”commercial” plans for the next album you will most likely come to hear more of this 6/8 sound being delivered! Today, Farzin is active as a composer working on Mehdi Modarres’ upcoming album ”Kaghaze Mochaale” and Mehdi Sahraee’s forthcoming, while preparing the follow up to ”Sharareh” with the initial working title ”Taghib”!

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: --
Ethical Adherence: -
[ +++ > --- ]


Review by: Pourya E.

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