Vahid Hajitabar- “Hishki Mano Doost Nadare”

IranGaam (Iran)
2005 (1383)

Two years ago when I reviewed Vahid Hajitabar’s debut album ”Eshghhaaye Doroughin” I predicted that it would become a HIT and so it became! Today Vahid has released his highly anticipated follow up entitled “Hishki Mano Doost Nadare”. Composed mainly by himself in a collaboration with Reza Khoshbatn, Ali Rezazadeh, Taraneh Mokarram, Hanif Khorshidi and Payam Ghorbani. “Hishki Mano Doost Nadare” features 10 tracks and is released on IranGaam.

A very short (2:31) title-track kicks off the album with its Latino-CONTINENTAL melodies and rhythm. “Hishki Mano Doost Nadare” is a rather typical and simplistic Hajitabar-song! Nice, but a bit too short.

”Forsat” is a EURO-/CONTINENTAL DISCO song with the best elements from these two genres! The ”lala laa:s” and the hectic beat are combined in a balanced melange, toped with the excellent performance by the female back-up vocalist! This is a favourite track of mine.

Followed up by ”Bargard”, an ARIAN-ian HARMONY POP song with subtle references to the Rock & Roll BALLADS of the 50’s. This is a ”cute” song for the second week after the break up, once the shock has settled and the good memories replace the anger and devastation!

”Leila” is a rather minimalistic and short Arabo-Andalusian tune that reminds one more of Farshid Amin’s similar GYPSY KINGS inspired songs. Even though it is supposed to be a tribute to late Viguen!

Next comes a rhythmic song with a JAZZy undertone! ”Baavaram Nemishe” is minimalistic in the album’s overall fashion.

You might recall Baharak’s ”Faryaad” from last year, with its CONTINENTAL DISCO sound!? An almost similar cover-version is here delivered by Vahid, excluding the RAP segment of the original preformed by Kambiz Ghorbani.

”Guitaramo Kook Mikonam” is the successor to “Dooset Nadaaram”! Previous album’s BALLAD, reminiscent of Shahrum Kashani’s “To Mimouni” and Kouros’ “Ghaayeghe Shekaste”. No saxophone reigning in this particular though!

A rhythmic FOLK-inspired song with a mellow musical jargon arrives and picks up the little flower ”Maryam”. Very 80’s in the style of arrangement!

Next comes a beautiful song with numerous influences, too many to even mention! Anything from cinematic soundtrack themes, Farhad-esque ”chronology” to the latest Ghomayshi inspired Zamani compositions! ”Mosaferat” is a very gracious yet simple song, a favourite of mine.

Back in the late 80’s when the SALSA fever had overwhelmed HOLLYWOOD, the O.S.T of a motion picture entitled ”Salsa” became very popular, featuring a song called ”Margarita” by the Latin band Wilkins. The song became extremely popular among Iranians and not to mention one of my personal all-time favourites! More than half a decade ago Jamshid Alimorad preformed a Persian version on Margarita which came to be called ”Nazaninam”! The exact same song, slightly altered and renamed, comes as Vahid’s ”Khaab o Royaa”!

What can I say, I wasn’t really disappointed with Vahid’s new opus, but neither was I impressed! I had expected more from him to be honest, though I suspected that the success of the debut would make the follow up similar-sounding! And so it became, but in a much lower quality than the previous one! The shortcomings and weaknesses in the arrangements and production are rather tangible, and (especially when it comes to such an otherwise talented and promising artist) worrying! Despite it all, the album stands ABOVE the average of Iranian albums and receives a VERY GOOD mark for its vocal performance and relative consistency!

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: --
Ethical Adherence: -
[ +++ > --- ]


Review by: Pourya E.

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