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Siavash Ghomayshi - “Roozhaaye Bikhaatere”

Caltex Records
2005 (1384)

Siavash Ghomayshi is finally back with the highly anticipated follow up on the successful “Bisarzamintar az Baad”, entitled “Roozhaaye Bikhaatere”. This time around all the compositions are by the artist himself and for the arrangements stands Allen G. Nazarian. The lyrics are provided by Forough Danesh, Yaghma Golroie, Reza Zareie and Ehsan Yavarani. “Roozhaaye Bikhaatere” features 8 tracks and is released on Caltex Reords.

The album opens with a song by the title “Booseye Baad” which in a way reminds musically of his old “Ghoroub”. The TRANCE experimentations of Siavash Ghomayshi keep remaining at an experiment level with mainly HI-NRG “bordering on” TRANCE! And it’s a shame because I know that Siavash himself is a fan of well-produced TRANCE music and I would just love to hear him working with an experienced TRANCE producer! Someone who can take this a few notches higher with a versatile and multi-layered production quality. Perhaps a Persian version of Armin Van Buuren and Ray Wilson, with their “Yet Another Day”?!

“Gerye Kon” is already a favourite of my female friends who now have the perfect mantra for their “exhale” sessions (what?!! I’m just an observer!*LOL*)!! Need I say more?!!! He he!!!

Next comes another upbeat TRANCE-oriented HI-NRG song entitled “Panjere”. It’s a nice song that reminds of a dozen of his HITS from the 90’s! The McCrum era in particular. My favourite segment on this whole album is the rock-n-rolling guitar you’ll hear in here!!

“Imagine there's no countries,
It isn’t hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too,
Imagine all the people
living life in peace…”

are the immortal words of the legendary John Lennon in his ”Imagine”, which most likely has given the inspiration to Siavash’s ”Tassavor Kon”! This year many great artists have done very disappointing adaptations of contemporary Western classics in their own name! First there was Dariush’s ”Raahe Man” which was an obvious adaptation of Sinatra’s ”My Way” and now Siavash Ghomayshi with his ”Tassavor Kon”! An alarming sign of the industry’s idea/concept-drought!

“Mahboobeye Shab” is a song that musically reminds very much of the 90’s SOUTH ASIAN-inspired Zoland-productions for artists like EBI! Lyrically this song seems to have a political undertone and perhaps even a reference to a certain girl by the name Mahboobeh!

Reminding us of the Ghomayshi/Yaghmaee songs of the 70’s with its monophonic melodies, the ballad “Hanooz” makes one crave an unplugged album from its creator! I hope one day Siavash does decide to record a GREATEST HITS album, with all the songs in an UNPLUGGED version! Going back to basics! Just the man and his companions; the voice and the instrument!

The last original track on the album, “Yaade Man Baash”, starts off musically reminiscent of “Taak”! This is yet another TRANCE oriented HI-NRG fare a la Siavash Ghomayshi! To be honest all the songs sound very similar and need more than a couple of spins to establish themselves with an own identity. Unfortunately this is a lingering tendency we are seeing being consolidated in Siavash’s works! Could be an alarming sign for a future stagnation!

And last comes a CLUB version of the first song which is only a MIX with a slightly heavier groove, nothing really remarkable!

Siavash Ghomayshi comes great in two versions, one in an UNPLUGGED version and the other a CUTTING EDGE production! In-between there is no place for an artist of this calibre! After a decade of cutting edge and progressive arrangements “Roozhaaye Bikhaatere” comes as an ANTICLIMAX arrangement-wise! While holding brilliant compositions and lyrics, as always, they fall relatively flat courtesy of DEMO-like arrangements. The arrangements are very flat and narrow in range, they lack the lushness of McCrum’s and the edge of Khachikian. Even though it tries SO HARD to tap on the last album’s quality, its only a pale shadow of it‘s predecessor! And its a shame, because the raw material are of premium quality but can not fully realise their potential extensively. Other factors dragging down the collection is the number of original tracks on the album which is almost “unacceptably” few, especially with such short running time on each song! The second is the lack of BONUS-features which today have become almost an industry-standard!

Siavash Ghomayshi is no longer an artist among many, …he has become an “institution” in our music history! But that status comes with a price, and that price is to lose the voice of criticism deep down in a crowd of fanatic fans who worship you like an IDOL! The absence of this for-a-recoding-artist pricelessly vital essence is like the absence of a mirror for a painting artist! No mirror-image to reveal the flaws that have become hidden to the memory of the judging sense (which is mainly the eye for a painter, and the ear for a musician)! This unfortunate absence leads to an inevitable vicious cycle of repetition and eventually to a grid lock of “self-parody”! Its alarming sign is when your sound-alike (Mohsen Chavoshi) sounds more innovative than you do! That’s why its highly important to reinvent the sound or at least upgrade it! Because no matter how clever and intriguing the new material (lyrics and compositions) might be after a while they all sound the same by the first tries! As if it’s the old songs that are being re-offered as new! Siavash Ghomayshi has always been a “safe player” in the industry and a safe investment for companies just because of that, but this safety comes with a price! At a cost of losing the visionary within! The innovator! If not yet, …soon! But I humbly believe that there is an adventurous daredevil inside the man, stormy weathers and waters behind this calm and predictable facade! I only wish that he someday decides to UNLEASH it upon us! Let it overwhelm and shock us! Break grounds and standards! TASSAVOR KON …!!!

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: +++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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