Parstronic- ”Journey into Sound: vol. 1”

Avang Music Co.

Few, truly DEVOTED, Iranian music fans are today unfamiliar with Farzad “ZAD” Aghili and his innovative fusion of sound and vision in the increasingly popular TV-show FutureMix. With a prominent artistic family and FANTUM -a project that also brought us one of the most internationally acclaimed WORLD MUSIC composer/producers, Farshad “SHAD” Rabbani- , as a background, Farzad has today reentered the world of modern Iranian music with a majestic blend of well-earned self-confidence and humbleness!!!

The once successful rapper has today stepped in a new realm,…the realm of ELECTRONICA and alternative dance music! Farzad’s PARSTRONIC has finally released its debut album! The album is created and produced by Farzad himslef for Signal Control Inc., and is released by the main patron of all the new, innovative and alternative Iranian music; Avang Music Co. A company that has proved its true support for the evolution of our modern art, by not only investing on already commercially successful formulas!!! A company that also brought us the revolutionary DREAM/TRANCE album of Nami, “the Lost Generation”, which undoubtedly paved the way for many future artists!!!

This new compilation, which contains 7 original tracks and 3 REMIXES, is called “Journey into Sound: vol. 1”. It is for our generation also a nostalgic tribute to both the phrase that we all grew up with and the music that once evolved to be one of the roots of the modern dance music tree: “…this is a journey into the sound!”, and the Electro-Funk wave!! Thank you Farzad-jan for this thoughtful choice!

The first track of the album is “Poetry in Motion (Deep Vocal Mix)”. Its starts with a surfacing wave in a spacious atmosphere, to soon be courted be some Industrial break-beats at a mid-level bpm. The song also features ethnic agents, such as NAY and traditional vocal by Sima Bina!

Second comes “Epiphany (Vocal-Mission Remix), with a slightly raised bpm. This time Sonic/TRIBAL-rhythms are the protectors of Farzad’s vocal recital, along the same ethnic agents as the previous track!…”Az daste azizan, che begooyam?”, Such a beautiful poetic spine!!

Next tune raises the bpm even higher!! “Another Spectrum (Future is Near Mix)” adopts almost the same texture as the first track!! A futuristic setting, thread with ethnic spirals! Beautifully manipulated vocals…”Aayande nazdik ast!”. Reminiscence of Jarre’s REVOLUTION!!

The short fare of “Persian Delight (Interlude)”, starts with a Persian traditional piece at its intro, which dives under the surface of a Sonic lake of bold break-beats! But comes soon up back to the surface, for the outro!

The fifth track is “Moments in Fusion (Live Organic Session)”, which also features the angelic voice by Sima Bina! The magical sound of the NAY dominates throughout this song! the TRIBAL-rhythms are for this song enhanced with subtle JAZZ/HOUSE elements!! A beautiful HYBRID indeed!!

Next comes “Moon over Tehran (Mehrabaad Night Mix)”, with another spacious and surrounding milieu!! Various Sonic elements distinguish its almost naked décor!!

The last original track of this compilation is very different than the rest of the pieces!!! This song is my personal favorite!! I have listened to this amazing fare over a thousand times to be fair!! And what a GORGEOUS piece it truly is!!! “FLY (Liquid Dream Sequence)” is a mellow and melancholic story that flows autumnal, all the way out! An almost easy-listening/lounge setting develops to a perfect dreamscape, courted by a celestial string-section and soaring sizzles! JAZZ and BLUES-elements support the (Pink-) Floyd-ian guitars that spellbind the second half of this marvel!! This is a masterpiece!!

The final three songs of the “Journey into Sound: vol. 1”, are great REMIXES of the three following songs:
“ Poetry in Motion” (Bonus version: Instrumental Dub)
“ Epiphany” (Bonus version: Instrumental Dub)
“ Moon over Tehran” (Bonus version: 12” Club Edit)

PARSTRONIC’s debut compilation is truly a distinguished groundbreaker!! Farzad has dared to enter a realm which has been almost unexplored until today!! And it would have sadly remained unexplored, if it wasn’t for such pioneers’ efforts and profound devotion!! A devotion which should be appreciated and supported by the devoted fans of modern Iranian music!! Let’s help to bring our dance music worldwide!!!

Farzad’s music is built around sonic and somewhat acidic rifts and noises, both energetic and chilled out! It is colored by Eastern philosophies and mysticism and also ancient Iranian art and culture!!! While PARSTRONIC stays musically faithful to its international genre, ELECTRONICA, it should also be mentioned that this is not the mainstream TRANCE-music that most of the Iranian listeners and clubbers are used to!!! PARSTRONIC is rather deeper and less commercial…an advanced and underground version of the electronic dance music that is usually seen on the music charts!! It is complex, more psychedelic and less euphoric!! But not grinding and dirty!! I would call it “Spiritual Trance”!!!

Altogether, this is HIGH QULITY music, to both listen and dance to!! So open your senses, pay attention, have patience…and enjoy the mesmerizing sound of PARSTRONIC!!!


Review by: Pourya E.

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