Sirvan- “”

Barbad Music Inc. (Iran)
2005 (1384)

The former Kaveh Yaghmaee student Sirvan Khosravi has now released his debut album entitled very HIP and unconventionally “” after his own website! The album is mainly composed and arranged by Sirvan himself in elaborate collaboration with Omid Atharinejad as the sole lyricist and Zanyar Khosravi. “” features 9 tracks and released on Barbad Music Inc..

“” opens with ”Bahaare Man”, a PROGRESSIVE BANDARI fare. The only song written by Zanyar (probably a relative). It is the most market-oriented piece on the album and the same time the song that least of all represents “”! A conventional LA-inspired FLOORFILLER that just feels out of place in this collection and most likely was meant to boost the commercial appeal of the album!

The second track ”To Khiaal Kardi Beri …” is the REAL opener if this album, in the sense that it is a better representative for the rest to come! This is an almost flawless experimentation in EURODANCE with a touch of CONTINENTAL POP a la DADDY DJ! My non-Iranian friends just LOVE this euphoric fare! Sirvan’s electronically manipulated voice rides in a perfect balance with the rest of this gem! I should remind that although ”To Khiaal Kardi Beri …” is written on the cover of the album, the official title is reported to be “”!

”Lahzeye Bito Boodan” taps on the EURO-CONTINENTAL flavour of the previous song but turns into this mellow yet rhythmic ”feel-good” SCHLAGER tune with subtle singer/songwriter ROCK-n-BLUES undertone!

The Savage Garden-ian NRG-ROCK style marries the GERMAN POP sound and results in another amazingly well-produced track entitled ”Harfe Aakhar”!

A return to the EURO-CONTINENTAL SCHLAGER/ROCK hybrid but now in a faster pace to deliver ”Tak-Derakhte Tanhaa”. If you listen closely you’ll hear familiar HARMONIES and MELODIES that remind of the ARIAN-sound. Pay attention that this one is directly rooted in the original source of that branched-out specimen linked to the ARIAN-band in the Iranian market!

”Baroon” is THE favourite track of mine on this lovely album. An amazing and balanced blend of EURODANCE and CONTINENTAL POP, along with a pinch of AMBIENT (Balearic) TRANCE! It makes me PROUD when my non-Iranian friends ask for his songs to be included in their DANCE COMPILATIONS!

Next comes a FRENCH HOUSE/DISCO-tune with FUNK/JAZZ-influences. In the best MODJO style is the beautiful ”Rasme Donyaa (Hasrat)” delivered! Melancholic and psychedelic in the best sense of the terms! Another personal favourite!

The last original track on the album is ”Naameyi Az Aasemaan”, a beautiful singer/songwriter (Canadian-) POP-ballad in style with some of Pyruz’ similar ballads!

Zanyar and Sirvan round off the collection with a heavier CLUB REMIX of ”To Khiaal Kardi Beri …”! An excellent and creative work of art that truly earns a position on the track-list, unlike many so called REMIXES with filler purposes!

In a time when the veterans and established names of the industry have become too comfortable in their success and status, while delivering less ambitious and qualitative works, it feels GREAT to see that there still are young and ambitious visionaries among debutants who are driven by that ”hunger” towards new grounds and dare to risk, experiment and explore without being xenophobic! Some of these attempts are especially acknowledgeable considering that these artists live and work inside Iran despite all the existing technical limitations and legal restrictions of the domestic industry! Sirvan and Omid are without a doubt two of these agents of change who sooner or later, directly or indirectly, contribute to the crossbreeding of our POPular music!

As I mentioned before in this review, “” is only a ”debut” album but at the same time also a GROUNDBREAKING opus! The collection presents a style and sound that has never before been exposed to the Persian laboratories in their original and authentic forms! And the result of this ”convertation” is just breathtaking! How can two young and Iran-based ”rookies”, how musically educated they now might be, craft a to-such-extent refined and balanced opus that even strikes my non-Iranian friends and fans of the genre as obvious HITS?! Hearing Sirvan’s voice ”surfing” on these smooth and well-designed SOUNDSCAPES is nothing but exhilarating! Who could even imagine that the genre’s significant FEEL-GOOD attitude and mood reflected in its lyrics could be converted to Persian with such a perfection! When hearing ”Baroon” or ”Rasme Donyaa (Hasrat)” I almost forget that the words are uttered in Persian! All I can say is …excellently done guys!!

“” is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to all the fans of ”listenable” DANCE MUSIC! Those music fans who are tired of all the abandoned, yet repeatedly served pseudo-ELECTRONICA experiments of LA-labs in particular!

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: +++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]


Review by: Pourya E.

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