Nima - “Maryame Paeezi”

Avang Music Co.
2005 (1384)

Nima’s third album is out entitled “Maryame Paeezi”. The album comes in a COMBO CD/DVD-package featuring 8 audio-tracks and 6 music video/BtS-clips, released on Avang Music Co.. Contributions by Ramin Zamani, Maryam Heydarzadeh, Parviz Maghsadi, Shahram Azar, Mostafa Nasrollahi, Payam Ganji, Hakoupian, Saeed Dabiri, Ardalan Sarfaraz, Pouria Aghaei, Farzin Farhadi, Ashkan Rahimi, Dariush Eghbali, Ali Ghezerghez and Mohammad Sattari. The stylish cover image portrays a Nima with a Clark Kent-hairdo *LOL*!

The title-track “Maryame Paeezi” kicks-off the collection with an ELECTRO-NRG groove and mysterious jargon, something even further emphasised by the great “the RING” inspired music-video of the song! Considering the title and theme of the song and the name of its lyricist (Maryam Heydarzadeh), one cant help but to suspect a JUNG-ian infatuation (not as severe as in Arash‘s “Arash“ case though!*LOL*)! The song enjoys a PERFECT arrangement by Shahram Azar. If you are up to a challenge, see if you too can detect subtle yet melodic references to Sattar’s “Sepid & Siaah” in this fare!

Now to the first of this album’s many remakes of the SMOOTH-POP hits from the 70’s, and the first song to send yours-truly on a labyrinthine quest for its origin! I personally heard “Mitarsam” being first performed by the 6&8-group (Keyvan, Afshin, Dariush) on an old-vintage tape that I’ve got in my archive! But I’ve also heard it by Afshin Moghadam in a solo version. So your guess about who actually preformed this song FIRST is just as good as mine! Anyways, Nima’s lovely cover enjoys a distinct BANDARI-overtone, courtesy of Shahram Azar who has even lend his voice to the choir.

Lets take a ballad a la 80’s and dress it into a psychedelic CLUB jam, while ornamenting it with various Euro-TECHNO elements and call it “Boro Dige”! This is the perfect example of how an otherwise “demode” style is saved by an exquisite and cutting-edge arrangement. Clever!

My personal favourite among the remakes on this album arrives. It’s a fusion of one of Afshin Moghadam’s popular HITS entitled “Kolbeh” and a second song called “Jaaye To Khaali” which I first suspected being a cover until I saw the name of Saeed Dabiri, its lyricist! I love this amazing ELECTRO-POP track!!! It’s a pity that Nima jammed these two gems into one single track. Although the lyrics of the second song is a bit too short, it could have been turned into a semi-instrumental full-length! I should also mention that one of the reasons I love this song is that Nima’s vocal quality resembles very much the late Afshin’s vocal “innocence”! An important preservative factor which conveys the original feeling.

During the last 10 years, the cyberspace has become the new hunting ground for the CUPID and most of us know at least one person who has got engaged in some kind of online relationship! The phenomenon has become rather normal but it’s first now that it has found its way into the Iranian music as a theme! The first song with this theme and by the title “Eshghe Interneti” that I heard belonged to the Iran-based Iman Shahi who had to wait more than 2 years to receive a release-permit for his album by the same name. The second was the young and Australia-based Samyar’s “Metropolis” which was exclusively presented on and now finally Nima’s very own “Eshghe Interneti” that touches this socio-cultural issue. The song itself is unlike the rest of this album, and although upbeat it is more of a “listenable” kind than dance tune! More in style with SANDY’s own songs actually!

Next comes “Yek Kalame”, which is a rather typical Farzin Farhadi song. The more of Farzin’s material I hear the more resemblances I detect to Farid Zoland’s style and it’s a shame that he doesn’t continue on updating and developing his signum further!

The final cover is on Afshin Moghadam’s “Che Khoobe” which was even preformed in a duet with Nellie. Last time we heard it being used was by the BOYZ in their “Gige Man” (which means “Jigare Man”!!! Thanks to Brian for updating my slang-vocabulary *LOL*)! But now another confusion arises! While Nima has declared Dariush Eghbali as the composer of this song, both Kouros and the BOYZ have declared Parviz Maghsadi as the composer!!? Nima’s version of “Che Khoobe” comes in a BAHADOR KHARAZMI-inspired disguise with catapulting beats and minor related elements.

The album ends with a conventional filler medley marked “Club Mix”!

The DVD features:

1- “Maryame Paeezi”
2- BtS of “Maryame Paeezi”
3- “Eshghe Interneti”
4- BtS of “Eshghe Interneti”
5- “Boro Dige”
6- Poolake Rangi

Nima is an artist who develops with each album, slowly …BUT SURELY! He doesn’t take giant leaps of progression, neither does he retrogress on his way! In accordance with this tradition “Maryame Paeezi” is the best released album by Nima. Its strength lies within its attempt to avoid the usual commercial “6/8” tracks and instead experiment in hands of an expert in the domain, namely Shahram Azar who showcases his portfolio of suitable ELECTRO and EURO-colours and graces the songs with his signum and updated ornaments! “Maryame Paeezi”’s weakness, on the other hand, lies in its covers and the overall short track-listing! There are basically only FOUR new tracks presented and the covers, although well-produced, are far too many for one single album! I would rather have Nima doing a complete Afshin Moghadam tribute-album than incorporate them into the albums. That way they would serve their purpose of paying a homage much better while letting the new material breath to maturity!

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: ++
Ethical Adherence: ++
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Review by: Pourya E.

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