Elcid - “Jaadde”

Koji Film / Central Film Productions.
2005 (1384)

One by one, Koji sends his historic/cinematic hero-reincarnations into the ARENA of Iranian POP-music! Last year we saw the emergence of his Caesar (Gheysar) and now its time for Elcid to carry the torch of KOJI FILM! With a career as a party/restaurant performer in Iran, Elcid moved to USA in 2000 to pursue his artistic ambitions. His debut album entitled “Jaadde” has taken three years in the making and is the work of himself, Koji Zadori, Manouchehr Cheshmazar, Armen A., Aleno X. and Mohamad Sattari. Along with Andy, Helen, Mahsa, Marjan, Kaiser, Afshin and Sepideh as CAMEO-performers on the album. “Jaadde” features 9 audio tracks + 10 DVD tracks and is released on Koji Film / Central Film Productions.

The album opens with “Baroon (Maale Mane)“, a HI-NRG song with a melody loop copied from Shamaeizadeh’s composition in Dariush‘s “Chashme Man” (“Baroone ashke cheshaat maale mane, ghame oon naaze negaat maale mane …” / “Ghesseye gozashtehaaye khoobe man, kheili zood mesle ye khaab tamoom shodan...”)! The song features also a subtle, almost sublime, CAMEO-appearance by Mahsa and Andy’s whose voices are barely heard!

“Khodaa Yeki Yaar Yeki” is a 6/8 fare in style with Andy & Kouros’ OLD-SCHOOL style a la Cheshmazar, though in a less elaborate constellation!

The voice of Koji leads us into the next song, “Tange Ghoroub”, a clearly ANDY-inspired NRG-tune! One of the catchier productions on the album, a song composed by Elcid himself.

Starting of Farokh Ahi-esque comes “Naz Naz” and its AZERI-influenced body as another ANDY inspired track! Just like its predecessor is this DANCE-tune composed by Elcid himself and another one of the album’s catchier offerings.

Again another Koji-recited intro followed up by a LAZER DANCE-derived melodic segment opening for “Jaaye To Khaalist (Roya)”, the third in the line of recent reining tradition!

“Alhamdolelah” is a POWER POP song with a choir-laden chorus and subtle references to the 70’s!

Accompanied by Sepideh‘s lovely voice, Elcid delivers an Electro-FOLK/POWER POP fare with good HIT-potential!

The last song on the album is its title-track “Jaadde”. A rather good Electro-ROCK/-NRG fare with a catchy chorus!

“Jaadde” is put to an end by Koji reciting his manifestation on L.O.V.E ! Recently producer-declamation seems to have become a trend!!

The DVD contains:

- promotion
- “Baroon”
- “Naaz Naaz”
- promotion
- “Tange Ghoroub”
- “Khodaa Yeki Yaar Yeki”
- promotion
- “Jaaye to Khaalist”
- “Doost Daaram”
- “Alhamdolelah” BtS

Koji is a highly active talent-hunter, perhaps more than any other with the same ambitions, and his roster is filled with artists and aspirants of different levels of talent and potential. But when it comes to the actual performance and the finished products KOJI FILM stands mainly for mediocre and at its best good products! Something common that most suffer from is “underdevelopment”! The initial ideas are often good but their realisations are seldom thought-through and as a result the finished product comes across as “premature” and crude. Potential gems that are roughly cut and bare to be further polished. Elcid is no exception! Though the music is relatively catchy and commercially potent, especially the songs composed by Elcid himself, the production in its entirety is rough and unrefined! Elcid‘s voice, despite the relatively pleasant tone, lacks strength and there has been an obvious and expected attempt to hide the weaknesses through technical manipulation and boosting! But despite the ambition the overall vocal-setting and the interaction of song and music, especially around the flat choruses, are over-killed by the extreme technical manipulation which at times make it sounding more like a KARAOKE-performance than arranged and polished recording! Yet the album is generous in terms of GOOD and CATCHY music! “Jaadde” is recommended to the fans of ANDY and his type of music in particular! Since the entire album has a tangible ANDY-overtone to it.

On a funny end-note, I cant help but wonder who the next KOJI-endorsed artists will be, … SPARTACUS or BEN-HUR?!! *LOL*

Artistic Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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