Shahab Tiam - “One”

Taraneh Enterprises Inc.
2005 (1384)

Bia2 was the first media to give Shahab Tiam’s video for “Bi To” a pre-release broadcast. Today Shahab has composed and released his debut album “One” in a close collaboration with Shahyad as co-composer and the main arranger. Other contributors are Tina, Kian Hejazi and Kambiz. “One” features 8 tracks and is released on Taraneh Enterprises Inc..

The first track is actually a rather interesting song in the sense that it’s a “reinvention” of a style! Shahyad who by now masters the Radmanesh style more than its own creator, fuses it with subtle ROCK-elements in “Sad-dafe Goftam” and opens it all up with a very promising offering. Lets see if the rest manages to live up to it!

Next comes “Dokhtar Kaboli”, an Afghan POP tune which happens to be a cover on an Afghan original! Catchy but also rather generic and formulaic.

“Bi To”, the first released track from the album is something of a loner compared to the rest of the gang with its EURO-influences! Rather psychedelic and PROGRESSIVE with a smooth vocal setting. This song reminds me of another song, but I just cant put my finger on which!?!

And now one of Shahyad’s PROGRESSIVE BANDARI fares in a semi-version and hybridised with the POWER POP sound! “Dari Az Cheshmam Miofti” is an obvious HIT.

If there is a villain on this album that drags down the rest in terms of ambition/innovation it‘s “Range Eshgh”! A very catchy PROGRESSIVE ARABESQUE tune a la Shahyad that “unfortunately” sounds across as the twin of the first song! Without the ROCK-elements of course!

Now lets go back to the PROGRESSIVE BANDARI style and this time deliver a song in its full style! “Niloofar” is just like the rest of the album of a strong HIT-potential, vary catchy!

Before the album finishes off officially we’ll get to hear a EURO-NRG song called “Dige Rafte”. I really like this one, reminds me of Mansour’s sound in the late 90’s.

And finally the official ending, a semi-instrumental of “Sad-dafe Goftam”.

“One” is a VERY GOOD album filled with 7 catchy and “dance-friendly” tunes, each with strong HIT-potential. And it could have very easily turned into a GREAT album if it wasn’t for the main part of Shahyad‘s arrangements on the album! Ironically the very same factor that boosts “One”’s commercial potential also hurts it artistic quality! Shahab’s debut suffers from nothing other than lack of variety in arrangements. Though Shahyad’s arrangements are all of solid quality, lined-up in one single collection they create uniformity and monotonousness. The lion-share of them happen to be very similar and narrow in style! And the promises that the two first released songs “Bi To” and “Sad-dafe Goftam” gave in terms of innovation and freshness were unfortunately not lived up to in the rest of the album where things turned more generic and formulaic than expected! Not necessarily for the worse, but definitely not for the best! The absence of a music-video DVD along with the short track-listing both contribute to take down the album’s ambition-rating a notch! But still Shahab Tiam’s “One” is a SOLID debut-album with catchy and dance-friendly tunes topped with a charming voice that is to be RECOMMENDED!!

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: ++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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