Bijan Mortazavi - “Beman Che”

Taraneh Enterprises Inc.
2006 (1384)

Where does the YELLOW BRIDE come form?! In his “Yek Ghatre Daryaa” Bijan performed something he declared as an old “Armenian” folk-piece, while I have been notified that the title of the song “Sari Galin” is in fact in Azeri and simply means the YELLOW BRIDE!! If anyone knows the exact origin of this charming tune do not hesitate to inform yours-truly! Thank you in advance! Alright now, lets move on to the review shall we! Bijan Mortazavi is back again now on a new label, Taraneh Enterprises Inc., the third record company to have him on its roster. Just like the previous album is the entire collection, except for two songs, composed and arranged by the artist himself and for the lyrics stand once again Iraj Jannati Ataie. The album features also an arrangement by Vahan Eskandarian. “Beman Che” features 9 tracks, consisting as usual of both vocal and instrumental pieces.

Starting off with yet another typical album-opener by Bijan! “Guitar & Daff” has the man’s TRADEMARK HI-NRG stamp all over itself! This is a balanced melange of vocal, electric and acoustic elements. Unfortunately the main instrumentation does not represent the clever contradiction of the two instruments in the song’s title! I had expected something more of a unique guitar & daff showdown and tangible experimentation/innovation, but nothing of the kind was to be heard unfortunately!

The title track “Beman Che” is a mellow tune with a self-ironic socio-political theme with the poet’s typical symbolic jargon. The piece is a standard creation combined with clever segments of whistle-borne melodies and marching drums.

“Saraab” continues the LATIN-PERSIAN hybridisation from the previous album (“Lavand”) by dancing SAMBA with the GHER-ing violin! You will notice various melodic influences in this instrumental piece, both of the Latin and Persian kind. Charming!

The LATIN vibe remains to linger on in the next track called “Ey Maah Bebin”. Another song with a very familiar core!

Back to Brazil with an OLODUM inspired opening of “Maro Dastekam Nagir”! Yet another rhythmic and choir-laden LATIN-PERSIAN hybrid. One of my personal favourites from the album, especially due to the FRESH twist in the theme of the song which indicates a possible update in the poet’s lyrical style inspired by the recent change of attitude (from martyr to survivor) in the Persian POP-culture!

Bijan’s style has always been deeply inspired by YANNI, especially in his instrumental pieces. “Orchide & Daas” is yet another manifestation of this CLASSIC/EPIC hybrid style and its title too is another example of the poetic paradox in the album’s imagery (“Guitar & Daff”, “Orchide & Daas”). If you are up for hearing the words of “Beman Che” once again, this time in “Sedaaye Shaaer”, you are up for a surprising treat in the second half of the song!

“Kaash Mishod” is another typical CONTINENTAL/ADULT CONTEMPORARY ballad for the fans of Bijan’s more sentimental style.

The classic guitar invites you into the beautiful instrumental serenade of “Boghz”, my favourite instrumental Bijan creation on the album! Melancholic yet heart-warming! …Beautiful!

The collection ends with “Sozaleh”, a medley of Kurdish pieces patched up and preformed by the maestro himself! Mohammad Khordadian and his colleagues should dance frenzy to this track, as they often have done to Bijan’s instrumental pieces in the past! Hey, not even a “layman” like me can keep stillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!*LOL*

This is yet another flawlessly orchestrated and instrumented Bijan Mortazavi album for his fans to worship and devour. As I have mentioned in the older reviews, Bijan and his music have never changed! It’s the same artistic image, the same artistic style and sound as it was 16 years ago! Except for a few borderline cases time has stood still for this artist. Bijan truly does give the terms “typical” and “predictable” a face, for better and worse! The explanation might be that he does not want to change nor does the majority of his fans for that matter! However an artist can still “evolve” without changing the foundation. He can still tap new waters without diving head over heels! I only wish that he one day decides to “expand” the range on his musical palette by exploring and hybridising further. Not just settling for the only innovation that marked his career decade and a half ago! And these explorations do not have to be of the same TRANCE/TECHNO kind that has become a fad and craze these days, but rather different FOLK- and ETHNIC influences from around the globe that can be compatible with the NATIVE style and music that Bijan employs! Because there is more to choose from the smorgasbord of WORLD MUISC than the long overexploited Latin musicality!

Artistic Performance: +++
Artistic Ambition: -
Commercial Potential: +++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]


Review by: Pourya E.

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