Jamshid - “Faribaneh”

Avang Music Co.
2006 (1384)

Jamshid’s third album is out in a collaboration with Babak Radmanesh, Baroon Radmanesh, Nami, Fred Mirza, Arian, Arash Fathi, Shahyad, Amir Badakhsh, Bahram Amiri, Javad Sharifpoor, Shadmehr Aghili, Omid Oliaee, Cameron Cartio and Da-Chemist. The album is entitled “Faribaneh” and comes as a CD/DVD-combo with 9 audio tracks and 7 music videos. Released just as his two previous albums on Avang Music Co..

The album opens with the title track “Faribaneh”, a classic Persian ARABESQUE tune signed “Babak Radmanesh”. This is a typical Radmanesh song but there are some minor sound updates to be detected here and there!

Shahyad is an artist who has elaborated more on the Radmanesh style than the originator himself! “Aashti” however is not a song of such kind, but rather a rhythmic BANDARI-inspired POWER POP fare with references to the Nojooki-style! Very lovely with minor TRANCE-elements imbedded.

The ARABESQUE sound puts on a Turkish FEZ in “Tarke Ghorbat” and wails in a sentimental jargon and fashion! A nostalgic/NATIONALISTIC track for the fans of the more traditional sound of the genre.

Jamshid’s Kurdish songs have always been FLOORFILLING in both Kurdish and Persian events! “Sheykhaani” is lyrically, according to the list of credits, a Folklore piece but “composed” by Jamshid!!? I wonder if its supped to be “additional composition” or if in fact the entire song is composed by Jamshid, which means that the original piece has been unmusical!? A nice piece anyhow!

Half way into the album things start to take a rapid progression and we find us in “Baroon” a beautiful Electro-NRG piece arranged by Nami! An interesting HYBRID indeed!

Jamshid’s intonation and ornamentation has always reminded me of Ali Nazari, especially in a rhythmic ARABIC setting like in “Shenaakhtamet”! Traditional and MINIMALISTIC in approach yet with minor updates in the sound. Featuring the beautiful voice of Helen!

“Miram” opens with its STADIUM simulated experience, a POWER POP song with RETRO-feeling and a very well-performed guest-RAPPING by EVC. In fact the song would have not been the same without this short yet charming segment!

A PROGRESSIVE (Turko-) ARABESQUE song called “Haalaa Dige Dir Shode” signed Shadmehr Aghili and Cameron Cartio comes with a hook reminiscent of Black Cats’ “Nemikhaamet” and a music video reminiscent of the bed-scene in Rob Thomas’ “Lonely No More”!

My personal favourite on this album is “Mikhaastamet (Logical REMIX)”, an extremely well-performed and -produced song with a melody borrowed “with specified credits” from SUPERTRAMP’s Classic HIT “The Logical Song”! However the actual idea and arrangement is derived from the German TECHNO Kings SCOOTER’s “Logical”-based MEGA-HIT “RAMP! (The Logical Song)”! Even minor details such as the ultra-pitched vocals, TRADEMARK of the euphoric band! Jamshid’s version, however, features a very generic and suitable EURO-style RAP performance which enhances the overall EURO-experience adequately!

The DVD features 7 music videos (but to my great disappointment only two feature that unknown goddess of DANCE whom I wouldn’t mind to be a slave of!! He He! *LOL*) :

- “Haalaa Dige Dir Shode”
- “Tarke Ghorbat”
- “Baaroon”
- “To”
- “Shaahkaar”
- “Eshghe Mani”
- “Maadar”

The relic genre of Persian ARABESQUE is finally put in the winds of change! At the cost of having his HARDLINE fans of “sentimental” ARABESQUE disappointed, Jamshid has in his third album choosed not to base his album solely on the old recipes and overused formulas of this puritan genre, but rather to experiment with other genres and to stretch his style without derailing from the main course! A very wise decision and a brave ambition to pursue as a matter of fact! This album positions Jamshid as the most “liberal” and progressive ARABESQUE artist on the Iranian scale. Otherwise its very tempting and convenient to remain in the same safe state of musicality as his fellow partners in genre have done so far! The Persian ARABESQUE has showed an amazing tendency to dogmatism and despite the few attempts to update and refresh it through the recent years the overall traditions have remained the same as they once were. But “Faribaneh” represents a new approach! Diversity in terms of a richer palette and an enriched ARABESQUE musicality with interesting individual flavours and twists to garnish each single song. Something very INNOVATIVE, courtesy of the collaborating artists new to this genre! From OLD-SCHOOL to NEW-SCHOOL, there is basically something for every taste on this collection, not to mention the DVD which makes this offering to a GREAT and praiseworthy package to RECOMMEND!

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: ++
Ethical Adherence: +++
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Review by: Pourya E.

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