Saeid Shahrouz - ”Pesaram”

Hamaavaaz Aahang (Iran)
2005 (1384)

Saeid Shahrouz’ previous album became, just as I foresaw in my review, a commercial FLOP! In a press-release amid the release of his new album entitled “Pesaram”, Shahrouz admitted to his fans that “Mabad” in fact was a weak and rushed work while he and his producer Behnam Abtahi intend to make up for it in this new instalment of theirs! In a collaboration with Mohamad Reza Habibi, Afshin Siahpoosh, Zahra Teymouri, Mahdiyeh Arab, Gholamreza Sabzali and Amir Abbas Hassanzade is ”Pesaram” and its 10 tracks released on his home-label Hamaavaaz Aahang.

The album kicks off with a recognisable style and sound. The Nojooki-inspired “Gelaaye” will definitely please those fans who missed this characterising style in the previous album! A rather promising start I must say!

“Pesaram”, a song dedicated to his own son, portrayed on the cover, is a rather lovely and FRESH update of the (Turko-) ARABESQUE sound. I like the mellow groove if this song, puts that extra twist to the old formula!

This experimental attempt is even more tangible in “Amoon”, a PROGRESSIVE ARABESQUE track spiced with Folk-flavours and equipped with a CLUB-case! Admirable!

Next comes “Sormeh”, a blend of PERSIAN POP and Electro-REGGAE! I must say that even this track manages to bring something FRESH to the table!

“Daaghe Aasheghi” is a rhythmic PERSIAN POP song which despite its OLD-SCHOOL style enjoys an UPDATED sound!

With a Franco-ROMANTIC intro opens “Golam”, an EPIC POP fare a la Omid! A bit confused in its arrangement.

Shahrouz’ first CLUB attempt comes as a PROGRESSIVE ARABESQUE/DREAM HOUSE hybrid! Even though the aspiration alone is admirable enough, the result of “Parvaaz” is loose in composition and uneven in arrangement.

Opening very ANDALUSIAN-inspired, “Dast Rad” soon marries the Arabo-PERSIAN POP and delivers a lovely rhythmic gem!

While Saeid’s ballads have always been appreciated by his fans, the previous album just over-killed it with an overrepresentation of BALLADS! Therefore “Raaz”, this one (Turko-) ARABESQUE ballad, tries to do the job with caution and moderation!

A Saeid Shahrouz album wouldn’t be the same without a LORI song! And to be fare no other artist performs MAINSTREAM Folk-POP better than this man! “Del Zakhmi” rounds off his eight album till date.

The album ends with a surprise video clip!

”Pesaram” is hardly a ”he’s back” experience, not even close! But compared to the two previous albums its still an ear-catching improvement. Not to mention its EXPERIMENTAL features which don’t posses any commercial potential of a higher calibre but plenty of artistic ambition and creative value! Despite close-to-annual releases Saeid Shahrouz seems to have lost his touch for the commercial HIT manufacturing and his wholesaling business seems to take its toll on his artistic career!? However we still hope for a true comeback of a-by-now veteran artist with a SOLID voice to count on! ”Pesaram” on the other hand is not strong enough to pull off such a task commercially, but artistically it’s an OPUS to appreciate! This album is RECOMMENDED, in particular to our ARABESQUE singers active in LA!

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: +
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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