Esmaeil Esfandiari- “Sokoote Mordaab”

IranGaam (Iran)
2006 (1385)

Composed and performed by Esmaeil Esfandiari comes “Sokoote Mordaab” with its 10 tracks. Arranged in its entirety by Kaveh Yaghmaie, the son of Koorosh Yaghmaie, and written by Maryam Kazemi Farahani and Mojgan Sadigh. The recording of the album started already back in 1382 but its release was postponed due to legal difficulties! Today is “Sokoote Mordaab” finally released on the successful Iran-based label IranGaam.

The album opens with the Electro-ROCK track ”Gole Maryam”. An upbeat fare that bears to be further underpinned vocally, around its chorus! Picks it up adequately in the second verse but loses it just as quickly!

Next comes the title-track, which sounds similar to the previous track just with a dropped pace! And just like the previous track the song reaches its CLIMAX by culminating vocally in its second verse! Love the Floyd-ian guitar performance in ”Sokoote Mordaab”.

To make the ROCK more ROLLING comes ”Noon & Aab”, a rhythmic tune a la Yaghmaies! Again does the vocal performance leaves one with much to desire!

Instantly as ”Seeb” opens are the hearts soothed by the caressing strings! A narrative melancholic song with the Floyd-ian Yaghmaie twist, but a rather loose and undefined body which tends to distract from the theme of the fable!

…Followed by a short instrumental sample from the title-track! MUCH too short!

”Bi Vafaa” is a multi-paced fare that opens soothingly and rounds off rapidly! I like the ambition of such experimentation, but not the result in production! The ”drum-machine” like beat drags down the song from its full glory to the middle ledge!

Lets go back to the pleasantly rhythmic sound of the Yaghmaies and the song called ”Shahre Aadamakhaa”! I have been cooking Pasta Bolognese today (Jaaye Shoma Khaali!) and mind you I’ve had this song on repeat playing in the back ground meanwhile! Perfect for the GHERing chef that I happen to be!*LOL*

”Del Shekaste”, a Bohemian HABIB-ian ROCK BALLAD comes to invite the dark clouds back into your windows!

And finally for the finale, an up-beat and rather psychedelic Electro-ROCK fare delivered! ”Goriz” is just like its predecessors a rather clever BUT weakly (vocally) performed track!

……ending with a short instrumental sample from ”Bi Vafaa”! Even this track is much too short to be considered as a full-length!

A future IRANIANISATION of the ROCK music lies in the hands of the Iran-based movement and its aspiring and ambitious agents of change, since the commercial LA-industry has showed itself to be a barren ground for innovations and hybridisations of the kind! Esmaeil Esfandiari’s contribution, though hardly being a fundamental corner stone, is still a brick of consolidation to build further upon. “Sokoote Mordaab” is a rather GOOD Rock-aspiration. But it falls on its occasionally flat and indifferent vocal performance to bounce immediately back on its raging and engaging guitar performance! In other words this is an album wherein the SIDEKICK (guitar) outshines the STAR (singer)!!

Esmaeil has already submitted his sophomore album, tentatively entitled ”Havas”, to the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance for a permit and he is also working on a neo-MYSTICAL and alternative ROCK project called ”Maghze Mechanici”! We wish him good luck!!

Artistic Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: +
Technical Quality: +
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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