Ebi- ”Shabe Niloufari”

Caltex Records

“SIR VOICE” or “Aaghaaye Sedaa” is back!!! Not that he was really ever absent from the musical scene…not at all!!! Ebi has always been a very active and popular performer and he has virtually managed to single-handedly fill every concert hall around the world!!! At the end of every day, a “SOLD OUT” sticker manages always to find its way onto his tour posters!!! However, Ebi is not equally active as a recording artist!! In fact his previous album, “Toloo Kon”, was released back in 1999!!! And the impatient fans have desperately awaited and anticipated a new Ebi album ever since!!

But now, the waiting is finally over and he is once again back with a new album, compiled of 7 brand new tracks! The artistic team behind this sought after creation is truly an artistic “DREAM TEAM”!!! All the lyrics of the album are written by one of our greatest writers, Iraj Jannati-Ataie, and for the musical settings of “Shabe Niloufari” stand the dynamic and almost inseparable duo of Siavash Ghomayshi and Steve McCrum!! None of these gentlemen is really new in collaboration with Ebi. Besides having worked with him separately, during his long career, they all joined talents back in 1995 for the creation of the legendary album “Setaarehaaye Sorbi”. And today they have once again reunited for the beautifully entitled “Shabe Niloufari”, which is released by Caltex Records. It is worth to mention that this album also reintroduces the long lost CD-booklet to the Iranian albums, after their unfortunate disappearance with the crossover from the hardcover packages, last year!

The first song of the album is a mellow tune. “Derakht” is a ballad, but not a LOVE-song! It’s rather a tale,…a narrative song about an old tree! An old tree in the middle of nowhere! Last of its kind, it has devoted all its life to unselfishly shelter tired travelers and nesting birds! Now, while suffering the lethal hits of an axe, it recalls and reviews its long gone days and purpose in life!! This is a beautiful song with subliminal messages and undertone of morality! Such narrative style is very rare nowadays, and it reminds of the old Ebi HITS from the 70s! Even those were written by Jannati-Ataie!!

Second comes “Tahammol Kon”, yet another typical Ghomayshi/McCrum composition! A style which was the result of a successful and still-ongoing collaboration between these two gentlemen, and became officially established back in 1994, with Ghomayshi’s “Ghesseye Gol va Tagarg”!!! As many other of this duo’s previous HITS, this song begins very softly and takes off strongly around the chorus! This song will hopefully remind all the loving couples that love is all about supporting each other, specially throughout the hard times in life!!

“Vaghti to Gerye Mikoni” is a gorgeous LOVE-song! A smooth ballad! It is a crossing between “Ki Ashkhaato Paak Mikone” and “Shab Gerye”! This song is all about letting your loved one know about the impact of her/his feelings and emotions on you and your world!! Very essential!!…Very sensual!!

The fourth track of the album is also the title track! “Shabe Niloufari” is an up-beat track and a vivid hope of a reunion with the long lost lover! Very positive and lovely!!

“Chizi Begoo” is on the other hand a less positive song!! Not that it is a negative one!!…NOT AT ALL! It’s rather a sad song,…a plea to the loved one, who is because of some reason contemplating an end to the relationship!! This beautiful song is very dynamic and allows Ebi to both relax and flex his vocal muscles!!

Next comes the lovely “Tandis”, with the purpose to put that special “LADY” on the golden pedestal, where she truly belongs! It idolizes and glorifies her, while praising and appreciating her beauty and being!! The song addresses the “Banooye Moosighi o Gol”, and because of Ebi’s publicly known respect and love for Googoosh, one can not help to associate!!

The last track of the album is called “Siaah Poushaa”, and what a beautiful and meaningful song it truly is!! It’s a song with a socio-political message! It reflects the post-revolutionary and post-war despair and distress that has plagued our beloved motherland! But what differentiates this particular track from all the other political songs, is the positive undertone and energy that it brings to the negative atmosphere! Without any indication to vengeance and retribution, it offers the spirit of the listener constructive thoughts and peaceful goals! I personally feel much close to such mentality and salute these gentlemen for this heart-warming and soul-caressing resolution!

“Shabe Niloufari” is as expected a truly beautiful album! A classy and elegant work of art!! It simply defines perfection!!! But also as expected, it is not at all innovative and surprising!!! In fact, its predictability, which strips it of anything even close to freshness and uniqueness, happens paradoxically also to be the factor which ensures its solid QUALITY and HIT-potentiality!!! “Shabe Niloufari” is without a doubt a sequel to “Setaarehaaye Sorbi”!! Deliberately or not, it repeats the success-formula of Jannati-Ataie/Ghomayshi/McCrum once again to the letter!!…Word by word!!! To such extent that you can’t possibly tell which song is from which album!!! Even though there should be some kind of trace from an 8-years-long-period of musical developments, not a single one can be seen in this album!! In other words, everything is still the same!… for Good or Bad! Ebi sings as he always have,…with power and grace!!! Jannati-Ataie still writes in the same sensual and symbolic language!! Ghomayshi too still creates celestial melodies, that when touched by McCrum’s “New Age”-touch, transform into pure musical dreamscapes!! Conclusively, the “DREAM TEAM” still creates EXCELLENCE!!! But nothing NEW!!! On the other hand, maybe there is not much more to reach for, once you’ve reached the level of excellence!?!

Regardless of this little contemplation of mine, “Shabe Niloufari” is a TIMELESS masterpiece!!! It is simply a PERFECT creation and any serious music-collection would be forever IMPERFECT without it!!! Ebi’s new album will without a doubt reach a top-selling position very soon and even maintain it for a few years to come!!! It truly deserves the attention and love that it is to receive from the people!!! Wherever there are Iranians, there is also a sincere LOVE for this POPULAR artist and his refined and unique talents!!! Therefor, Ebi’s name is to remain forever on the wall of the Iranian music’s “Hall of Fame”!!!

Review by: Pourya E.

Reviews described herein are mere opinions, and must be construed in that manner only! In other words they are not absolute!