Ebi - “Hasrate Parvaaz”

Avang Music Co.
2006 (1385)

Last year we heard a rumour about a popular veteran’s retirement from the industry! A veteran none other than EBI, as a matter of fact!! And shortly after the album that was allegedly meant to be his LAST album and SWAN-SONG leaked on the internet in its unrefined version (under the title “Parvaaneyi Dar Mosht”) including a scraped recording of “Raahe Man” (the song that is today preformed by Dariush) from the late 90’s! Today is the original album on the market as a COMBO CD/DVD package consisted of 8 songs and 4 music videos entitled “Hasrate Parvaaz“. The album is composed and arranged by Schubert Avakian and its lyrics written by Zoya Zakarian and Iraj Jannati Attie. “Hasrate Parvaaz” is released on Avang Music Co..

A little Gitano/LATIN-inspired BALLAD called “Sedaam Kardi” opens the album. Very 90’s and familiar in its flow. Just grab your partner and hit the dance floor, will you?!

“Vaghti To Nisti” loses the pace initially in order to pick it up later amid the chorus! Even this song is very 90’s and Rock-REGGAE fusion a la Zoland in style! The title of the album is also derived from this particular song.

Let’s make a homage to the man’s FEEL-GOOD songs from the 80’s. songs like “Khanoom Gol“ and “Medaad Rangi“. “Hanna Khanoom” is very RETRO and sounds more like a remade old song than a brand new one! A bit loose and pale in comparison though! On a side note, the title has another nostalgic tendency to bring back the childhood memories of a puppet show about Hassan and his cute cow “Khanoom Hanna” (anyone else recalling the song going something like this: “Khanoom Hanna, Khanoom Hanna! Khoonat Kojast, Khoonat Kojast …”?!).

Now to a Euro-DANCE/TECHNO inspired fare which was allegedly composed first and then had its lyrics custom-written! As I have mentioned before Schubert was one of the main pioneers of the so called “Persian Techno” already back in the 90’s, but his style and sound has not been updated adequately. Just check the quality difference between this production and its counterpart in genre, the Arash-duet! It should be pointed out that “Begoo Aare, Begoo Na” is at the same time the closest thing to innovation/experimentation that we get to hear on “Hasrate Parvaaz”! If this alleged plan for retirement is just a rumour, I wouldn’t mind hearing an Ebi/Roma Kanyan collaboration in the future!

“Parvaaneyi Dar Mosht”, a poetic image and phrase that Iraj seems to love more than any other phrase of his! Because it has kept on returning and popping up over and over again during the past decade. First in the stage play originally starring Behrooz Vosoughi and Ali Pourtash, and year ago as a song by Ando (Andranik) who had put the very same lyrics in his own composition of a song with the exact same title! The opening verse rings like Googoosh’s ”Naab” in my ears …!

Reminding of the good old “Khorjin” and the powerful declamation of Iraj comes “Banooye Khaavari” as a song with a FEMINISTIC message! The song and its SYMPHONIC ROCK approach reminds of the maestro Abdi Yamini’s OLD-SCHOOL masterpieces, but unfortunately not as nearly elaborately orchestrated!

Now to my favourite song on the album and the song with the most HIT-potential due to its CATCHY and rhythmic nature! “Harighe Sabz” with its Greco-LATIN influences is soothing and uplifting!

“Man Agar Khodaa Boodam”, originally performed by Bijan Arya, is this album’s finale. A cry about injustices and tragedies plaguing our world, and in loving memory of the victims of the Bam-tragedy! Such beautiful and touching lyrics!

The package offers although few but still some excellently produced music videos (doesn’t Ebi remind of Jean Reno in these clips?!) as the icing on the cake! The emergence of the annual NOROOZ SHOWS back in the 90’s basically meant a cruel abort of the newly established music-video movement that for the first time incorporated artistic ambition and innovation. Instead the low-cost old BOLLYWOOD-esque “by the nature” video style of the 80’s gave place to an equally cheap pseudo-live performance on each company’s promotional stage! In 2000 however, the dawn of the satellite televisions and a possibility of instant and daily broadcast meant a decline for the NOROOZ SHOWS. Although infuriating several companies at first and sending them on a witch-hunt, “most of them” eventually managed to see what the Western industry had realised since decades ago, and utilise the unique and powerful opportunity to exposure and marketing that such a phenomenon provides. And those who still haven’t realised are today aiming their panic and paranoia at the Internet as a media, including its serious websites! With the competition and healthy rivalry constantly upheld by these new forums and medias (satellite televisions, radio stations and websites) the Iranian industry and market came to experience a serious REVIVAL of music videos just recently. The DVD-bonuses are becoming an industry standard and artists and companies are seriously engaged and investing in QUALITY music videos with the help of the creativity and innovation that the new blood and breed of directors provide. Overall is this movement getting more refined day by day and the quality of music videos featured on “Hasrate Parvaaz” are distinct tokens of that! Videos that actually enhance the experience of the songs and not depreciate it:

- “Vaghti To Nisti”
- “Sedaam Kardi”
- “Hanna Khanoom”
- “Banooye Khaavari”

When I heard the early samples from “Hasrate Parvaaz”, I wasn’t really impressed by its compositions and arrangements, therefore I came to set my bar of expectation on a lower level than usual when it comes to Ebi! Now that I’ve heard the album I must say that it wasn’t the underachievement that I had anticipated! It is a thoroughly CLEAN and well-performed /-produced collection even though there is not much NEW and FRESH presented on it beside an update of minor details and sound elements. In fact though Farid Zoland has not had a creative finger involved in its production, his artistic spirit is bizarrely present and felt in basically each single song! Intentionally or not the album has taken on a stylistic form that although being indirectly associated with Zoland isn’t necessarily a PLUS for the package in question! Because one thing that I had initially looked forward to was the unconventional collaboration between Ebi and a member of the new breed of POP-makers. After years of working in holy alliances with other veterans in style, Ebi was to be in an artistically unholy marriage! And after the surprisingly pleasant experience with the Arash-duet last year I yearned to hear an exciting and daring encounter and fusion that would overwhelm me for better or worse! But instead I hear a pretty CONVENTIONAL and “safe” work of art that carries no significant SIGNUM of Avakian´s!

Artistic Performance: +++
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: +++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: ++
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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