Amo - “Yaade To”

Avang Music Co.
2006 (1385)

After the relative success of his 2003 debut “Sargozasht”, Amo returns with “Yaade To”. A CD/DVD COMBO consisted of 9 audio-tracks and 4 music-videos. In an elaborate collaboration with two of the artists responsible for his debut-album. For the lyrics and composition of the album stands a rather unknown Parviz Shahrokhi and for the entire arrangements stands Fred Mirza. “Yaade To” is released on Avang Music Co..

Starting off with a TRANCE-NRG fare. The title-track “Yaade To” enjoys a very CATCHY chorus and overall coherence. Great choice for an opener!

Next comes the more INNOVATIVE specimen of the collection! “Dastaa Hame Baalaa” is a prominent contribution to the recent Iranianisation of the Western CLUB MUISC! With a GREAT fusion of 6/8 and TRANCE-NRG. The result is a BOMBASTIC FLOORFILLER that invites the RUMPSHAKERS of both East and West to unite on the same premise! Two thumbs UP!!

“Naaze Negaat” is an NRG fare close to the opener of the album, though less concise and defined in its construction. Reminiscent of Fred Mirza’s works for Mansour!

Another song in style with Mirza’s previous Electro-BALLADS, such as Mansour’s “Gharaaremoon Yaadet Nare”, is “Aadat”. I must say that this particular style of Mirza is his SIGNUM and stands out in any collection that it appears on! “Yaade To”’s prominent feature is no exception, a STRONG and CATCHY ballad that adheres to every single rule of the art of BALLAD-crafting! BRAVO!!

“Barf” takes thing back to the TRANCE-NRG but with a twist of euphoric Euro-TECHNO! A song with a NOSTALGIC theme that falls in the same category as the second track.

To build further upon the Iranianising attempt comes “Hasoodi”, another TRANCE-NRG fare with a more distinct PARADE TECHNO and 6/8 GROOVE! Very good but not as catchy and clean as “Dastaa Hame Baalaa”.

Next comes “Khanoomi”, a CATCHY NRG fare with an Electro- LATIN undertone that could have been even stronger with some RAW RHYTHM beats especially at its bridge!

Until now we have experienced some discrete 6/8 groove in its more subtle hybridised kind. “Montazer” however brings it to the foreground while the Western influences move to the scenery! The most traditional POP track on the album, but still FRESH and CRISPY in its production quality.

To round off this rather energetic and euphoric album comes “Maadar”. A track generically mournful and JEGARSOOZ as the most mother homages and tributes of our culture, even its POP-branch, are! I’m sure that there are many people who can relate to the combination of maadar+dard+ghorbat but still I wouldn’t mind to hear a rather SHAAD and UPLIFTING mother dedication from time to time that could actually be played on the mother‘s day with her present and celebrated!!

The DVD features:

- “Yaade To”
- “Khanoomi”
- “Dastaa Hame Baalaa”
- “Aadat”

Amo’s new album is exactly how a follow-up album should be but seldom is in realty! It has taken the best features of its predecessor and tried to elaborate on- and perfect them further. Being rather successful in its ambition, “Yaade To” is thought-through and well-produced! Perhaps the best collection till date to showcase Fred Mirza’s twist and flavour. Its has a rather wide range of styles presented, despite them all being in the seemingly narrow CLUB MUSIC genre. It features a line-up of 6/8, TRANCE, NRG, Euro-TECHNO and BALLAD in a cohesive and consistent collection, without any FILLERS! Not really an easy mission to accomplish, I must say! I truly hope that Amo does continue on the same path even in the future, with further “calculated” progression of course since this genre’s loopholes and risk-factor lies within its short expiration dates and constant need for an adequate update and upgrade!

“Yaade To” is a package packed with CATCHY songs with high RE-PLAY (Attention all DJs!!) value and HIT-potential! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to the fans of PROGRESSIVE Iranian music!

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: +++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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