Hassan Shamaizadeh - “Aavaazekhaan na Aavaaz”

2tar Records
2006 (1384)

Hassan Shamaizadeh is one of our history’s most renowned composers, who lately has even branched out as a lyricist on top of his singing career. The artist formerly dubbed “Marde saazha va aavaazhaa (the man of instruments and songs)” chose to crown and proclaim himself as Iran‘s “King of POP”, right after his extreme-makeover around seven years ago! His brand new release marked “King of POP”, just as its predecessor is a DOUBLE CD package containing one CD “Aavaazekhaan na Aavaaz” consisted of new material and a second “Legend” featuring his own vocal performance of his old compositions, HITS originally performed by Googoosh, Ebi and others back in the 70‘s. The album is the first release coming from the newly established 2tar Records and distributed by Caltex Records (thus the image/album are not available for viewing/test-listening!).


The first CD starts off with a GITANO-POP song named simply after its main instrument, the “Guitar”. The song is relatively catchy though a bit loose in its arrangement!

Now things turn more Persian and “Gole Sorkh” a 6/8 track takes things back to the 80’s, the MAINSTREAM sound of the first decade in exile! Ironically is the entire production qualitatively retro, for the worse!

Its fellow flora “Gol” is a more modern song in its musical arrangement and performance, though the whole 6/8 / CLUB fusion is wasted by being far too minimalistic to overshine the singer’s poor vocal performance! Unfortunately!

To tap on the same tradition comes the PROGRESSIVE ARABESQUE/Euro-TRANCE fare “Kojaa Miyaai”, which is a bit more successful than its producer but fails to lift properly at its chorus!

The most commercially potent song on the album is “Alakolang”, a GHERI song that can end up on PARTY MIXES and have the talented Iranian ladies flip-flopping those legendary bow-shaped eyebrows of theirs more than they already do! …If now such thing is possible!!

“Sakhre”, an EPIC BALLAD with its narrative jargon is another one of the album’s more successful pieces. The vocal performance does not really favour the overall expression but neither does it hurt it as it has in its predecessors!

“Botshekan” from the album “Parastesh” is perhaps my most favourite Shamaizadeh creation in recent decade and this album‘s “Enghade Aasheghet Shodam” seems to be its REDUX!! The similarities are striking in composition, arrangement and vocal performance! Though not equally well-defined!

Adding another ETHNIC flavour to the album, “Safar” is just like its alikes on the album with the difference that its main spice, the hint of curry is pseudo-INDIAN!

“Too Cheshaaye Man Negaah Kon” is a Euro-/CONTINENTAL POP song with a melange of different ETHNIC influences! Rather catchy and defined.

And in style with the previous song ends the first CD with the title-track “Aavaazekhaan na Aavaaz”, one of the weakest and more psychedelic songs on the album!


Its not unusual to see old CLASSICS being slaughtered by new reckless artists, but never before has one seen a SOUNDTRACK to a whole generation’s life being massacred by tragically none other than its creator!!! A musical bloodbath too painful and heartbreaking to witness, let alone review! I spare you the agony of details, instead I present you the list of casualties:

1- “Mordaab”
2- “Dastaaye To”
3- “Shekaar”
4- “Do Panjere”
5- “Gharibe Ashenaa”
6- “Man o Goneshkaaye Khoone”
7- “Kooh”
8- “Koli”
9- “Makhloogh”
10- “Jaade”
11- “Gharbie”

The album could not have had a more IRONIC title than “Aavaazekhaan na Aavaaz”, since if anything it’s the songs that make this album and definitely NOT their singer! Although a self-proclaimed “King of POP”, everyone who has ever participated in a discussion about the artist between friends has most likely come to the conclusion that the common public opinion about Hassan Shamaizadeh is a “strong composer/weak singer”, phrased in various ways of course! And this album, its second CD in particular, showcases this strength vs. weakness in an almost epically tragic fashion! But that’s not all, the once so acclaimed craftsman has in recent years lost his touch even in the art of composing and (mis-)calculatedly or not got rid of the artistic ambition while focusing on an obsolete and inconsistent commercial style that doesn’t even work with the alleged mindless RUMPSHAKERS out there! Not to mention the severe shortcomings in the text-writing ability!

The man who once so successfully and innovatively married artistic value with commercial appeal in his work is now facing a separation between the two! Temporarily or permanently only he knows, …or perhaps not even he!? Although a review of the latest decade in his career indicates the probability of the latter!

Artistic Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: -
Commercial Potential: -
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

Reviews described herein are mere opinions, and must be construed in that manner only! In other words they are not absolute!