Lida - “Asalak”

Pars Video US.
2006 (1385)

Lately we have been witnessing a peculiar KID-BOOM in our music industry! An emergence of singing children and teenagers from foremost Iran, like never seen before! Lida, the oldest aspirant among them (13 year old, if I‘m not mistaking) is the first to release an album. And that she does outside the country, working with her father Mohammad Reza Karamnejad as the main composer and the singer/composer Majid Rezazadeh as the sole arranger. For the rest of the material stand Davood Shabani, Ali Fakhari, M. Lotfi, Shohreh Ghaed, Mohammad Ali Shirazi, Masoud Fardmanesh and Soli. “Asalak” features 11 songs and is released on Pars Video US.

Things start off with a REMAKE of the old ARABESQUE song “Bi To Nemikhandam”. The tune, originally Turkish, was last year remade in a higher tempo by Ali Danial. A version very close to Lida’s!

“Ghalbe Daftar” is a POWER POP song with a relatively strong HIT-potential. The song, though rather RETRO in its approach, is one of the more “modern” songs on the album!

And now time for the first specimen of the many obsolete sounding songs to appear! “Parvaaz” is an undefined RUMBA-tempo ballad.

“Be Yaade To” sounds like one of Susan Roshan’s earlier songs from the late 80’s! Again, the song has an initial potential which gets lost in its underdevelopment. Unfortunately!

While we are in the 80’s lets stay there and experience the influence of the early Shohreh/Cheshmazar songs in “Piche Aakhar”. In a very weak fashion of course!

FINALLY!!! The ACE up the album’s sleeve pops out in shape of an 80‘s inspired POWER POP fare! The title-track is incredibly RETRO! In all aspects as a matter of fact! But in a rather NOSTALGIC and CHIC way! Unlike the previous songs is “Asalak“ (interestingly being a song written for a female BY a female!), a very suitable style for Lida‘s sassy and girly voice! I Love it!!

Having said that its better to say goodbye to anything that this album had to offer in terms of catchy or modern HIT material and attend to “Yaarab” and the rest of the obsolete material!

If you enjoyed the first track on the album you might even find “Shahre Eshgh” pleasant and enjoyable!

“Aahange Del” is a mellow SPANISH POP song that would have sounded much better as an instrumental acoustic guitar driven tune.

A CABARET-POP song called “Sedaaye Baba”, that doesn’t really serve as a reverse “Ye Dokhtar Daaram”! No matter how hard it tries!

Last on the menu is a decent cover on “Maa Beham Nemiresim”, the old Soli/Fardmanesh piece for Googoosh.

The older artists of the TEEN-POP genre with all due respect, it was about time that it got to be represented by an actual teenager rather than those who long ago came-of-age! Lida is cute and her girly/sassy voice has been missing in an industry where most female artists more or less sound like each other; mature but contrived! She is naturally endowed with an expressive and mouldable voice that ”keeps it real” despite the technical manipulations and her young age, with a clear potential to become a TEEN-POP PRINCESS and even a QUEEN in the future! But ”Asalak” is unfortunately not the debut that can put her on the pedestal! The collection is understandably unpropitious to suit an underage starlet’s image! But at the same time the lion share of the featured material is miscalculatedly obsolete, mismatching the vocalist and unappealing to a teenage audience of today (such music isn’t exactly what a random teenager would pick up and listen to, unless it’s the parents’ or a music-teacher’s preference which eventually becomes her own. As in Lida’s case!) and the older listeners’ are seldom interested in hearing bubblegum-versions of the old classics like ”Bito Nemikhandam”! What it lacks in quality is not made up for by its high quantity either!

However lil’ Lida has her whole future ahead of her and I personally intend to follow her career eagerly! She is an uncut gem that manages to shine through all the layers of the album’s roughness and crudeness! Lida is an artist-developer’s dream coming true! But unfortunately due to the absence of an Iranian MAX MARTIN in our industry such talents are rarely discovered, appreciated and developed! And IF they get discovered they are often severely mismanaged! If it was up to yours-truly, I would put together an artistic/commercial SUCCESS formula consisted of Lida as the vocalist, Maryam Heydarzadeh as the lyricist and Ramin Zamani as the composer/arranger! …How about that!?

Artistic Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: --
Commercial Potential: -
Technical Quality: +
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: +
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Review by: Pourya E.

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