Reza Sadeghi - “Pirhane Meshki”

IranGaam (Iran)
2006 (1384)

The “Man in Black” is back and this time all official! Coming from a religious background with his first album released unofficially in 1993, Reza Sadeghi has in recent years made a radical switch to upbeat POP through his popular “meshki” -themed songs. After having had most of his material from the last decade released/leaked and distributed illegally (mainly on the internet) he has finally received permission from the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance for a legal release! His reportedly 12th album till date and “mojaaz” debut is consisted of revised and refined versions of some of his previously available songs along with a couple of new pieces. With all songs written/composed and arranged by himself except for one case by Mohammad Ali Ghavidel, the 11 pieces are featured on the album entitled “Pirhane Meshki”. Released on IranGaam.

Being dubbed “meshki-poosh” after eight years of wearing only black, the “Man in Black” kicks off his album with an explanation on his fashion-statement! “Pirhane Meshki” is done in the same OLD-SCHOOL style and sound as his other upbeat 6/8 songs such as “Meshki Range Eshghe“, which was released as an album already back in 2003.

“Harfe Aakhar” is a Euro-REGGAE/POP song a la “Dalghak”! It’s a bit too loose and elusive in its body with a vocal performance that lead nowhere!

After reviewing Mehrshad’s album I was contacted by many fans of Sadeghi who kindly informed me about a case of plagiarism on Mehrshad’s album! The song in question is the Greco-Romantic ballad “Cheraa az Man Gozashti” which appears on Mehrshad’s album as “Chetor Delet Oomad” created by a reported “Arash” while it is according to “Pirhane Meshki” created by none other than Reza Sadeghi himself!! I should also mention that another case of plagiarism has been discovered on Mehrshad’s album and that is the HIT song “Khaliband”! According to the credits is this song composed by Pooria Niakan while it has showed itself to be a copy of RAGHAV’s song “Can’t Get Enough”! …truly SAD!!

“Khoone” is done in a FOLK-POP style a la Saeid Shahrouz. Unfortunately I can not tell which dialect Reza sings in, given the fact that he is originally from Bandar Abbas I assume that it’s the local dialect!?

I personally prefer Sadeghi in a ballad than his popular 6/8 songs. “Boghze Taraane” is a guitar-led rhythmic GITANO-POP song.

Followed by “Hanooz Aashegham” another ballad, this time a melancholic and dramatic ballad of the CLASSIC/EPIC school!

The next song “Bakhshesh” consists of two vignettes. The first is a recitation and the second an upbeat guitar-led POP tune a la Saeid Shahrouz!

Amr Diab’s “Tamally Maak” is brought to mind when Sadeghi’s “Aashenaa” starts to play. In the same Arabo-Andalusian fashion it carries on and bows out!

“Baabaaye Baroon” has got a 70’s vibe with the early 80’s flair! The song could have turned out something very exceptional IF ONLY it had enjoyed the required finesses for such a production!

Going back to the Greco-Arab sound with “Sahme Man”, unfortunately the excellent music is weakened by its struggling vocal!

“Pirhane Meshki” ends with “Tamanna” a nice REGGAE-ROCK fare a la 80’s! Again, a song which’s music over-shines its singer’s performance! In fact by now we can confidently suggest that this rule apples to the entire album!

I’m not sure whether this album has been followed up by another legal offering till date or not (with all the legal, illegal and offset variants on the market one tends to lose count!), but according to Sadeghi himself there is a bootleg album with the title “Coma” out there on the market featuring demos and scraped recordings, which has not been approved or released by himself but rather by his “foes”!? His next official album is tentatively entitled “Dige Nemitoonam” and is waiting for release-permit! Anyhow, the “Man in Black” is the perfect example of how humbleness and authenticity still work, even in today’s strongly commercialised market! Everything about the “product” Reza Sadeghi defies the laws of the market; neither his obsolete and unpolished 6/8 flavour nor his rough appearance and unrefined voice fit the prototype of a popular product! Everything but ONE feature, and that is his ability to speak the common man’s language and “keep it real”! Thanks to that everything suddenly adds up in the equation! I guess what comes from the heart, goes straight to the heart! Even though he has tried to polish his style and revise his lyrics to a more “sophisticated” jargon in this official release, the working-class romanticism and DOWN-TOWN spirit of it still linger on. Challenging the artsy-fancy and pretentious pretenders of the music industry in a “Bi-Shile-Pile” manner! …Will Reza Sadeghi be a new Nematollah Aghassi?! I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Artistic Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: +
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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