KAVIR band - “Baaraan”

Ava Khorshid Music Co. (Iran)
2006 (1385)

The popular and versatile actor Amin Hayaee, regarded as one of the more talented members of the Iranian cinema’s answer to Hollywood‘s “brat-pack” (other members are Mohammad Reza Golzar and Mahnaz Afshar, among others), has always had singing aspiration that manifested itself in the features he appeared in such as “Booye Behest“! Nowadays he happens to front a 11 piece (all male) band called “Kavir” as one of the three leads vocalists along with Pedram Marandiz and Ashkan Vafaee. The album entitled ”Baaraan” features 9 tracks by Hossien Kharazni, Pedram Marandiz, Reza Zamnini, Behrang Sohrabi, Jahangir Sabri, Fariba Vakili and Hatef Ali Mardani. Released on Ava Khorshid Music Co..

Starting off similar to Chris Rea’s ”Nothing To Fear” although led by the Aboriginal didgeridoos, the band present their Memphis ROCK inspired version of the Afghan-Folk song ”Bebaar Ey Baaraan”. A rather balanced production and the most commercially strong feature of the album!

Now adding a pinch of BLUES in ”Ey Eshgh” and turning things more classic a la Khajehnouri-brothers!

”Jodaayi” take it back to the DISCO inspired ROCK sound of the 70’s and an orchestration and performance accordingly. Bordering onto the Retro-ROMANTIC style that was employed by likes of Amir Karimi in the post-2nd Khordad revival!

The rain starts to fall and the WOOD STOCKy ”Bemaan Baa Man” blooms to take things back to the FLOWER POWER summers of the 60’s, riding the harmonious tunes of the harmonica! Ahmad Reza Nabizadeh’s style comes to mind …

While remaining in the 60’s ”Tanhaayi” recreates the gloomy ambience of Pink Floyd’s ”Live at Pompeii” and a touch of troubadourian BLUES!

The album starts to pick up the rhythm and mystique in a NEW AGE-meets-HOLLYWOOD manner! The song ”Cheshm Be Raah” later turns into a loosely GITANO-inspired song that would have done better as an instrumental piece! Suffering from uneven vocal setting despite it being based on the magical words of the founding father of the Persian modern poetry, late Ali Esfandiari better know as Nima Youshij!

”Ghazal Baayad” opens rather melancholically a la Khajehnoori but soon loses destination in messy collage of moods and influences!

Suddenly a short instrumental PSYCHEDELIC ROCK piece up pops as ”Logo Music”!?

To round it all off arrives ”Khoone”, as a rhythmic BLUES song not far from the opening track!

As you might have noticed, lately there have emerged more and more new acts fronted by actors and STARS of the television and cinema! A symbiotic venture that gives the movie star a taste of her/his post-stardom cross-over dream (which is often singing for actors and acting for singers) and the band a commercially alluring facade! Acts such as the HAFT band, which’s debut was recently reviewed. So is there any similarity or distinction between KAVIR and HAFT?! Both YES and NO, in negative and positive terms! Their positive similarity is their rather alternative ambition and experimentation which contradicts the commercial market’s, but not completely defiantly! Their negative similarity is their constant retrogression in style and sound without any trace of innovation in neither POP nor ROCK! But there is also a difference, and that is the superior quality in the ”musical” performance of KAVIR, a refinement that was missing in HAFT’s debut. Amin Hayaee happens to be my favourite post-revolution actor because of his actual “acting” skills in addition to his charm and good looks, but whether if he holds as a full-fledged singer or not it cant really be established based on this product since his performance is limited to a mere “cameo”!

Artistic Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: +
Technical Quality: +
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: +
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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