Delta band - “Harmonye Solh (Laalaayi)”

Tarannome Ashkmehr (Iran)
2006 (1384)

From the POP singer Ashkmehr’s record company comes a trio consisted of a male lead by the name of Farid and Sara and Rosemary two female back-up vocalists, under the name of the Delta band. For the music of the album stands Farid himself except in two cases by Sirvan Khosravi who has also arranged the entire collection. The album entitled “Harmonye Solh (Laalaayi)” features 12 tracks and is released on Tarannome Ashkmehr.

The album kicks off with “To Moghaddas Naboodi”, a DREAM HOUSE/TRANCE fare reminiscent of Sirvan’s own songs. The vocal performance of Farid, who by the way styles after Sirvan’s, is a sore thumb in this otherwise fine track! There is such a nostalgic Ghomayshi/McCrum inspiration at the bridge!

“Shere Tanhaayi” is a PROG POP borderline case that barely manages to be on the safe side!

Next comes a HOUSE NRG tune. The title-track “Harmonye Solh” is as the title indicates a “give peace a chance” song and its jargon and approach gives me the same “funny” feeling that the Christian propaganda POP delvers to doors!

“Laalaayi” doesn’t fall from that tree either with its blend of the 70‘s Yaghmaie ROCK and the FLOWER POWER vibe!

Continuing in a similar style comes “Tanine Solh” with its more emphasised ROCK influences. The weakest track so far!

The second version of ““Harmonye Solh” is a Pink Floyd-ian track with long guitar solos and dramatic ambience! Not bad at all!

“Range Zendegi” with the main theme of the album picks up the beat and continues spreading the word!

Well I think that we’ve heard the last of the progressive songs since “Bazgasht” is nothing but an empty promise and we keep on soaring over the band’s fuzzy UTOPIA!

“Eshgh” is …I’m sorry my dear reader! …so so sorry!! But I can’t go on anymore! The same God that Delta calls on has blessed me with only so much capacity for such material! Fast forward to the next song!!

Oh LORD! Please forgive me!! (listening to “Shere Taaze” and …well you can surely guess the rest!*LOL*)

This is the first Iranian album that I review and actually wish to be over after each song, but no chance with 12 songs!!! I must have done something really wrong in my past life!*LOL* Well apparently not that wrong since Lord shows mercy and delivers a not so bad CLUB REMIX of “Laalaayi” as the song going for the kill!

At its best “Harmonye Solh (Laalaayi)” resonates the successful and popular sound of Sirvan Khosravi but for someone who has grown up in a Western society there is also such a bizarre air of pretentiousness and muddleness about this collection that makes it awkward even to listen to! A feeling you get from listening to the unholy marriage of the Christian POP messianism and the FLOWER POWER utopianism of the 60’s! In fact why go too far, those who have access to the Iranian satellite stations and their growing broadcast of “Christian Salvation” programs that almost all channels, no matter their personal stance and agenda, engage in given the lucrative business of TV-evangelism in USA, surely know what kind of music and consequently feeling I’m referring to! A music which’s cloned brother is born and bred in the HIGH-SOCIETY homes of up-town Tehran, without a Christian umbilical cord of course! But rather a contrived synthesis of comfort and conscience! Our own Iranian ”Bobo”’s music, the Iranian bourgeois bohemian’s music! Don’t get me wrong, may all people and nations be forever in peace but my image of peace is a bit more realistic than the ”glowing children of light dressed in baby blue and cotton candy pink dancing on white fuzzy clouds”!!

The only nearly interesting feature of the Delta band’s relatively robust and hardly digestive collection of outlandish hymns for lost sympathy and compassion is the hardly notable touch of Sirvan Khosravi, who proves that he yet isn’t versatile enough to leave the realm of CLUB MUSIC for other genres! Other than that the only thing resembling the state of harmony or peace that you will reach via “Harmonye Solh (Laalaayi)” is the state of apathy or if you are lucky …unconsciousness!

Artistic Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: -
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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