Essi - “Mishkanam Mishkanam”

Taraneh Enterprises Inc.
2006 (1385)

Only 12 months after the release of his debut album “Ghabool Ghabool” Essi is back with the follow up! And just like Arash he too seems to have fallen for the temptation of “repeated-word” entitling of his songs and albums! Moving from PARS VIDEO to TARANEH, the new 8-piece collection called “Mishkanam Mishkanam” is a collaboration with names such as Farshid Amin, Hatef, M. Cheshmazar, Omid Olyaee, Shahyad, Amin Badakhsh and Amir N. Ghiasi among others.

As you might have noticed recently there has started a new attempt to present foreign artists’ songs to the Iranian market as “partly own compositions” under the mark of “inspiration”! Just like the invented REMIX mark which appeared on every cover on Arabic songs two years ago. But the reality is that the entire composition and in some cases even the arrangement is COPIED! No inspiration in other words, which would imply an “own” composition with minor details derived from those sources of so called inspiration! So this is by definition impossibly an inspiration (elhaam), but rather a full “remake” in Persian. Last time we had one if these so called “inspirations” it was on Assef’s album, and now its time for Essi to present an own under the title “Mishkanam Mishkanam”! Which is head-to-toe a “remake” of the wonderful EBRU GÜNDES song “Cingenem” composed by none other than Sinan Özseker! My absolute favourite song from this beautiful Turkish “hatun”. And last year he remade another Turkish singer namely Emrah’s song “Kabul” as “Ghabool Ghabool” in the same fashion, something I was later informed about!

Listen to Ebru Gündes’ “Cingenem” and Emrah‘s “Kabul”!

“Atre Gole Yaas” is and old-school KOOCHE-BAAZAARI POP of the style over-represented on Essi’s previous album!

Next comes a PROGRESSIVE ARABESQUE song signed Shahyad. “Bi Cheshm-o-Roo” is clean and consistent in production!

Combine KOOCHE-BAAZAARI POP with BANDARI rhythms and throw in the LOOTI-jargon as a flirt with the man-on-the-street and you’ll get “Montazere Yaa-Alitam”!

“Eshghi Eshghi”, another “repeated-word” title and PROGRESSIVE ARABESQUE song with the Turkish flavour!

Farshid Amin has recently focused on nationalistic songs and the repeated-word “Iran Iran”, is perhaps delivered to balance out the controversy of last year’s “Dubai Dubai”!

Next comes “Khanoom Khanoom”. The KOOCHE-BAAZAARI POP song is also the fourth “repeated-word” title on the album! I think this album broke the record *LOL*!

And finally the collection ends with “Mahtaab” which is another BANDARI fare for the DJs to work with!

This is an album that will please those who enjoyed the “better side” of the previous album! Material of a similar PROGRESSIVE KOOCHE-BAAZARI and ARABESQUE styles but of a slightly sharper calibre arrangement-wise. Essi seems to have picked his style with a notice and is not considering any deviation just yet, for better and worse! Also the overall inconsistency that characterised his debut album is less tangible in “Mishkanam Mishkanam” while the artist is leaning more and more towards the conventional and “safer” side of the genre. Even adopting one of its unethical conducts, …unfortunately!

Note: Thanks to Nima P.

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: -
Commercial Potential: +
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: --
Ethical Adherence: --
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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