Amo- “Sargozasht”

Caltex Records

The first time I heard about Amo was over a year ago and he was performing one if his songs on one of the NOROOZ-SHOWS! The song was “Nazanin” and its fresh style and sound caught my attention immediately! Since then, I have been eagerly looking out for new stuff from this talented artist!

Amo’s debut album is released by Caltex Records and contains 8 brand new tracks! The artists who have contributed to the creation of “Sargozasht” are Fred Mirza, Parviz Shahrokhi, and Anoosh Afrashteh! I should also mention that this is the first Hard-Cover album that I have seen in a while!!

“Shahre Eshgh” is a Latin-POP fare that begins with a coquettish intro!!! An acoustic guitar allures the listener into an energetic tune! And what a catchy tune it is!! This song is a nostalgic song about the long lost childhood and its still highly vivid memories!! This style fits Amo’s voice very well, and the climax comes at the intro when Amo unleashes the emotions in his voice and adds to the drama!!! A very lovely song!! Great arrangement!

Next comes an equally energetic song, “Dele Man” is a Persian POP-tune!! It’s uplifting with some familiar segments! Again, the climax comes at the bridge…veeeeeery sweet indeed!!

The third tune is no other than the famous “Nazanin”!!! It has the typical Mirza- trademark sound!!! A few artists have tried to introduce different TRANCE-styles to the Iranian music, but with all due respect…, Mirza is the first one who has managed to smoothly fuse TRANCE-elements with the Persian DANCE music!! One of the results of this experiment is Mirza’s “TRANCE-ballads”!! Just listen to his arrangements for Mansour, and of course…the lovely “Nazanin”!!! If you’ve ever had a Nazanin in your life,…you’ll cherish this AMAZING track! Trust me!!!

The title track is a ballad. It is not one of Mirza’s “TRANCE-ballads”, but it still enjoys the lovely TRANCE-sizzles!! Like all the previous tracks!! “Sargozasht” has a nostalgic drum programming!! Reminiscent of the 80s! Too nostalgic to be outdated!!…Nice!!!

“Aavaaz” is another Latin-POP marvel, that follows the same formula as the first track!! It starts with an inviting piano, underpinned by strong rhythms! The arrangement of this song is very lovely and the song lifts truly around the chorus!!! An energetic floor-filer! I love it!!

Next comes another Persian POP-fare with an uplifting melody!!! “Cheshmaaye To” is very nicely arranged and reminds of the mainstream POP of the 80s!! Well done!!

The seventh song is another fare with the album’s typical atmosphere and energy!! Instead of the LATIN-elements, here the tune is distinguished with Eastern details!! Another potential HIT!!!

And now that last track of the album, “Ghesseye Del”…the last ballad!!! This lovely ballad is also a nostalgic song, and musically the closest we can come to a so called “TRANCE-ballad” in this album!! A very nice work by Amo,…and specially Fred Mirza!! The arrangement is very colorful!!! It is interesting to mention that both of the album’s ballads are reminiscent of the 80s,…and the ballads of Farrokh Ahi, in particular!!! The same Farrokh Ahi has according to Amo himself, been present throughout the creation of this album!!!

”Sargozasht” is a rather good album; it sounds FRESH and ENERGETIC! And it would even have been a great album, if it weren’t for the minor weaknesses in its arrangements! Amo has a warm voice and smooth vocal styling, but it tends to get repeatedly undermined by the relatively rougher musical arrangements! Mirza is a great composer and arranger, but his arrangements main weakness is that they somehow manage to suppress the vocals, especially around the choruses! Not deliberately of course! It’s ironically the crisp quality of the sounds that overpowers the voices! This friction between music and vocals shows itself very clear at those rare points where these two actually are synchronized and interact like they should! This in fact signified even Farzaneh’s album, which also was arranged by Mirza!

Nevertheless, Amo is a very talented artist with a much promising career ahead and his debut album is a solid first step onto the musical arena!! …WELCOME!!!


Review by: Pourya E.

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