Limak - “Eshghe Yek Tarafe”

Zaryab (Iran)
2006 (1385)

Limak Parsa, an artist bred and educated in Sweden returned to Iran a few years ago and created the lately domestically-banned Arshia’s “Divoone” album. “Eshghe Yek Tarafe” is his own singing debut in collaboration with Rozhin Vanjani as the lyricist and Evrin and Mohsen Zirak as co-arrangers. For the compositions stands Limak himself. The 8 tracks album is released on Zaryab label.

A Euro-DANCE song opens the album with its galloping beats and sizzling SYNTHS! Unfortunately “Boro” loses energy once the singer cuts in and the minimalistic music gets outweighed by the rigid vocal!

Its not hard to hear who and what song have inspired to “Delam Be Hichki Khosh Nist”! Of course its Mansour and “Zendegi”! If it wasn’t for the more than obvious WAYY-imitations this would have been one of the stronger songs on the album!

“Bigharaar” is the most HIT-potent and individual song of the entire collection! A HOUSE/HI-NRG fare spiced with the cheek-drum beat of the Italo-DISCO. I cant help but to find this song familiar, …but I just cant put my finger on it!

Continuing on the same path the PROGRESSIVE EURO/Electro-DISCO song “Too Delet Jaayi Nadaaram” with a hint of the S.A.I.F.A.M. delivers a track that totally lacks a hook and if it wasn’t for the musical climaxes here and there it would have fallen flat!

So far we’ve been experiencing a progressive dance music that is generically far from what Limak is all about! The Greco-GITANO “Cheshmamo Bastam” however is closer to his domain and will please the fans of the old Shadmehr style!

“Ye Rooz Az Pishet Miram” is one my favourites on the album, a DREAMY mid-tempo ballad with a hint of the Ghomayshi/McCrum NEW AGE sound. A very rich song in its blend of flavours and ingredients.

PIANO-led comes “Kheyli Zood Az Yaadet Raftam”, a song almost in style with the previous song though with a flat and less defined structure, lack of climax! Even this song is Ghomayshi-an, reminiscent of the good old “Khaabe Baroon” melancholia!

And finally the album rounds off with an instrumental version of “Cheshmamo Bastam”.

“Eshghe Yek Tarafe” is a well-produced album that enjoys strong arrangements but less HIT-potent compositions! Lacking proper hooks and other ingredients that are necessary for an album with such style. I know that Limak is continuing his musical studies/research on a higher academic level these days with two more-classically oriented collections in production and some musical tutorials in publishing. And these ambitions somehow do not add up with the apparent aspiration of the album, and in my opinion contribute to the subtle yet active “paradox” that manifests itself in the final product! Strangely enough though Limak’s main instrument of practise being acoustic guitar and his domain the classic genre, his album takes MAINLY steps in the Electro-DANCE direction! And that when he is composing and arranging while having no orientation in such genre personally! Is it the result of a commercially miscalculated decision or a till-now-hidden preference?! I guess only Limak knows the answer, but what I know is that if Limak doesn’t come to a settlement with himself regarding his ambitions and aspirations which in this particular album are more or less separate the “singer” Limak will not be enjoying the recognition he deserves until he decides on which leg and on what side he wants to stand! A singing/songwriting troubadour or a CLUB-musician, that is the question to contemplate! If “both” then he has a “make or break” mission ahead of him!

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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