KARO - “Shorooe Hekaayat”

Taraneye Sharghi (Iran)
2006 (1385)

You have surely heard their HIT “Dele Divoone” on our website and now AhmadReza Azizi, Saeid Ghasemi and their fellow band members have prepared their debut album called “Shorooe Hekaayat” in a collaboration with Frazad Amin, Tavakkoli and Shabnam Marzi. The album featuring 12 tracks is released on Taraneye Sharghi, home of the domestic giants!

So lets start with the mentioned HIT, “Dele Divoone”. It’s a EURO-charged fare with an Arabo-Andalusian undertone! Rather successful in its attempt!

“Chike Chike” is a rhythmic Persian POP song that borders on both the PROG POP sound and the “To Azize Delami” sing-along tendency but subtle enough to escape their degrading effects!

Another Arabo-Andalusian song, this time with references to the POP sound of the 70’s, a la Aref! “Bahooneh” is lovely.

The immediate opening of “Khaab” reminds of Radio Head’s “Street Spirit”! The rest of the song however is far from it, a ballad Saeid Shahrouz-style!

And “Hekaayat”’s immediate opening reminds of Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side”, and just like the previous song it doesn’t last too long but shifts to a HARMONY POP song!

Bring out the 6/8 beat and spice it up with some GHER and ESHVEH! “Do Rangi” is a minimalistic RETRO-POP song that is not adequately consistent throughout!

“Khaaterehaa” is an NRG fare with a lesser lush arrangement. Still EURO-charged but less “pop” (not the genre but the effect!) to it!

If you liked “Hekaayat” you will most likely love “Ashti Konoon”. A clap-friendly sing-along song reminiscent of Leila’s “Golhaaye Laleh Abbasi”!

How about some pale HIP HOP beats and some Yaghmaie/Ghomayshi-an melancholy topped with a crying violin?! The initial ambition has been very good but the result in “Hamsafar” is too seamful!

In a similar fashion continues “Khodaa Yaare” with an Arabo-Andalusian undertone. Again is the drum-machine effect too rough for a pleasant experience!

The album cant really shake-off the Arabo-Andalusian influences it seems! And by now after several songs in a row it kind of feels too repetitive for its own good! “Marde Tanhaa” …

And a fashionably late PANJABI inspired “Nazanin” arrives to steer things up a bit! Again, another track with a very good intention but weak realisation!

It feels as if this album was first consisted of the latter part of the collection, a repetitive sing-along POP and flat Arabo-Andalusian line in accordance with the preference of the band, then some clever observer made them realise that the dish basically “sucked” commercially! Then they came up with a solution and started “tjuzs up” by adding a bunch of quasi-modern tracks to it topped with a GREAT opener! Thus the unusual high quantity and the inconsistent quality!

Artistic Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: -
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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