Farhad Mahadian- “Masloobe Eshgh”

Avaye Chang (Iran)
2006 (1385)

Farhad Mahadian is another name in the line of actors-gone-singers, a trend we have been witnessing more of lately! His debut album “Masloobe Eshgh” is composed and arranged by Pourya Heydari, featuring lyrics by Davood Heydari, Peyman Valiabdi and Mahdiyeh Arab. The album contains 9 “eshgh“-titled tracks and is released on Avaye Chang.

Whistle-borne begins “Ghasre Eshgh” as a slow GITANO song a la Faramarz Aslani. Farhad’s contrived vocal assumes a Kourosh Yaghmaie-like tone every now and then! A rather solid start.

The title-track “Masloobe Eshgh” comes in the same fashion with an even more obvious Yaghmaie overtone!

“Naghshe Eshgh” is a more TANITA TIKARAM inspired song with imbedded WORLD/Ethno-influences. Lovely touch of strings!

“Mosaafere Eshgh” starts DREAM HOUSE inspired with a melodic loop inspired mainly by the first part in late FALCO‘s “Jeanny“ trilogy!

And now to “Banooye Eshgh” which is a blatant cover on one of my all-time favourites, namely MOODY BLUES‘ “Nights in White Satin”! Unfortunately the result has become an unethical and musically messy piece!

Next comes a neo-mystical tribute to Imam Ali, “Molaaye Eshgh (Ali)” manages to in a subtle way marry the SUFI-musicality with Western guitars and elements! An experiment most likely inspired by Enigma and ERA in particular, considering their characterizing choir in “Ameno”! I like it!

“Man o Eshgh (Asal)” opens JAZZy and gentle! A song in style with the second track! I like it!

Things suddenly take new turns in “Ey Eshgh”, with a blend of NEW AGE, touch of traditional Persian music with pounding CLUB beats!

By the sound of the marching band and the chaos of war, the angles start to sigh and sing a requiem in mourning! “Sarzamine Eshghe” is a homage evidently written for the exhausted motherland and delivered with an old-school drum-loop and wailing!

Beneath the contrived vocals and rough production quality of this offering hides a decent musical ambition which does not mange to fully break out and balance out, unfortunately! Farhad Mahdadian is by no means a nightingale and neither an exception, most aspirants who have in recent years walked this path have delivered a similar dish ! It doesn’t matter how easy it is to lower your voice and sound contrivedly like an established star when you basically can not hit the notes! So work on it, and by that I do not mean over-employing autotune but rather taking on a living vocal-coach, and then maybe you can do the lovely material given to you justice! Needless to say the “+” goes ONLY to the musical performance and ambition of this album that are unfortunately dragged down by its vocals!

Overall Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: -
Technical Quality: +
Aesthetic Presentation: --
Ethical Adherence: ---
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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