Dariush- ”Dobaare Misaazamat Vatan”


Iran is one of those countries that have, because of their geographical location and historical significance, never been able to truly enjoy any kind of permanent peace or harmony!! This bitter reality has naturally given birth to a prominent line of political artists, throughout the history! Dariush is today, after the departure of the late Fereydoon Foroughi and Farhad, one of the last contemporary names in this league of celebrated artists!! While he once started his successful career as a MAINSTREAM POP-singer, who eventually incorporated socio-political segments in his music, during the post-revolutionary era and mainly the past few years, his music has become more and more politicised, coloured by his political opinion and activities.

Today these personal developments have, along with the dire political, social and economical conditions in Iran, led to the creation of “Dobaare Misaazamt Vatan”, which is a collection of 6 pieces with a common theme. The eminent artists who have contributed to this collection are Simin Behbehani, Eric, Mohammad Shams, Zoya Zakarian, Toraj Negahban, Kaveh Haghighi, Mohammad Ali Esfehani, Armen and Vatan-Doost. There has also been an elaborate collaboration with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Paris!!! “Dobaare Misaazamt Vatan” is released by DBF RECORDS!

The album opens with the title-track and it is a song of EPIC proportions!! What a dramatic intro, inspired by the National Anthem!! The orchestra reigns powerfully in this piece, building up a pre-battle spirit and atmosphere!! With a big help from the choir, chanting “Dobaare Misaazamt Vatan”!! This particular phrase has already become a frequently used slogan and a dear pledge, with the younger generations!!

“Harekat” follows up the first song, as a strong mobilising piece!! This song has a more militant style and approach!! Reminiscent of an army marching towards the battlefield, whistling and chanting along!! The orchestra and the choir still reign predominantly!!!

The third song is entitled “Azerbaijan”, and is the most controversial piece of the entire collection!! By touching the still embattled and sensitive subject of Azerbaijan’s national identity, this piece will definitely provoke different opinions and emotions!!! Specially since Dariush addresses “Anke mizanad delash nabze jodaayi dar baad…”, or the so called “separatists” with a more direct and radical approach!! Making it clear that “his” Azarbadegan has always been, and will always be…IRANIAN!!! Musically, the piece is composed around different Azeri-melodies and instruments!!

Next comes “Iran Negaah Kon”, with a more uplifting atmosphere and energy!! This piece takes you on a flight across the beautiful country, beneath the clouds! Where the nature, cities, people and aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the other WONDERFUL and GLORIOUS features are still vivid and visible!!!

The euphoric journey doesn’t stop here!! Oh NO!!! Instead, it elevates to another level! It extends further to “Afsaanehaa”, in order to incorporate even the ancient national history and rich culture!!!

The last piece of the album, “Dobaare Misaazamt Vatan (LIVE)” is a longer segment from one of Dariush’s many LIVE performances!! It opens with a well-formulated pro-democracy statement by Daruish but in spite of the song’s title, it continues with another one of his older and popular HITS, “Vatan”, to eventually be followed up by the actual LIVE performance of the title-track!!! A majestic moment is created when the crowd sings back the chorus of “Dobaare Misaazamt Vatan”!!! A wonderful closure enhanced with the National Anthem!!

This album can be regarded both as Dariush’s contribution to the domestic movement of social resistance, and a nationalistic tribute to the motherland! It is already nourishing the younger generations of Iranians, especially inside Iran!! I must say that while I personally am a fan of both the political and nationalistic music genres, … their more subtle and moderate styles in particular, I find this album to occasionally border on a light attitude of extremism! Which CAN come across as very controversial or too provocative! BUT, I respect the purpose that it aims to deserve!! Because I believe in the freedom of thought and expression, both for the artists and critics! I believe that various emotions and thoughts should be FREELY expressed through different media! Diversity in opinions and pluralism should be nurtured and fostered as a permanent tradition in our culture and society! As Dariush himself very beautifully states: “…Aaghaaz konim be aghaayede hamdige ehteraam bezaarim,…aaghaaz konim ba eshgh baa ham barkhord konim…maa ensaanhayi hastim baa aghaayede mokhtalef…hagh nadaarim be tafakkor, ya bineshe kesi ehaanat ya hamle konim…“!!

Musically, “Dobaare Misaazamt Vatan” is a classic MASTERPIECE!!!…as it was expected!!! ALL the pieces are beautifully composed and elegantly produced, with a rare and GRACEFUL collaboration with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Paris!

Dariush has always been an artist with a solid INTEGRITY and high CREDIBILITY, …an artist with an own unique sound and style! These are in fact the exact features that characterise a great and AUTHENTIC artist! Features that should be emphasised, respected and celebrated! “Dobaare Misaazamt Vatan” is another CLASSIC by this cherished IDOL, who has time and time again proved that he deserves nothing less than the overwhelming respect and devotion, offered to him by his ever-growing army of loyal fans!!! …Those who will soon rebuild their much beloved motherland…ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!


Review by: Pourya E.

Reviews described herein are mere opinions, and must be construed in that manner only! In other words they are not absolute!