Ali Lohrasebi - “Mosallas”

Hamavaz Ahang (Iran)
2006 (1385)

Ali Lohrasebi is perhaps better known for his work on commercial jingles and TV-soundtracks! Few years ago he released his debut album which also was a soundtrack to the TV-series with the same name, namely “Daryayihaa”. The material on his sophomore album entitled “Mosallas” has taken four years in the making and almost all songs have been rearranged and rerecorded from their original versions compiled by Behrooz Saffarian. A move that has ultimately limited Behrooz’ involvement in the final product, but still influenced by him according to the singer! Other contributors are Mona Borzooie, Melody Mahmoodi, Amir Alizadeh, Shahram Gholami, Mehran Jamaliraad, Farzin Fardinfard, Farzad Hasani, Niloofar Laripoor, Abbas Latifi, Babak Rouzbeh, Alireza Roohnavaz, Siavash Pourshirmohammad, Rouzbeh Bemani, and M.R Cheraghali. “Mosallas” features 9 tracks and is released on Hamavaz Ahang.

The albums starts off with a beautiful Retro-ROMANTIC ballad. “Biraahehaa” is well-preformed and -produced! Brings back the pre-exile Shadmehr-ian style and sound to mind. You’ll also recognise the parallels in production to Fereydoun’s “Gharibe” courtesy of Saffarian! I know a lot of you have been waiting for such a ballad for years now! Enjoy!

Followed up by another mid-tempo ballad called “Ye Rooze Sarde Paeezi”. Autumnally smooth and soothing!

“Koolebaar” is another Shadmehr-ian song with a 70’s inspiration and Turko-ARABESQUE overtone!

Next comes the song that differs from the rest of the album in terms of style and production! An Electro-NRG fare with a subtle mystical undertone. ”Khat o Neshoon” is perhaps the weakest track on the entire album in an internal comparison! But you better get used to it since Lohrasebi’s next album will be filed of them!

Declaiming his way into the ANDALUSIAN ”Aayene”, Lohrasebi manages to deliver the LATIN vibe with a RETRO style that takes us back to the 70’s once again!

”Labe Sokoot” and its DIRE STRAITS-ian ROCK ’n’ ROLL is one of my favourite songs on the album! The SWING puts such an highly appreciated jolt to this otherwise mellow collection! LOVE IT!!

Next comes a LIGHT MUSIC/50’s ROCK ballad called ”Ghalbe Sangi”, featuring the generic back-up wailing of a female vocalist!

The Turko-ARABESQUE makes a reappearance on the album, though this time in a more tangible form! ”Marsieh” is a requiem for broken hearts!

”Atre Baroon” keeps the previous song’s musical inspirations and delivers another Shadmehr-ian ballad which acts as a SOLID finale to this wonderful collection. Another one of my personal favourites!

Oh yeah, a finale in the more technical sense comes as a very short instrumental version of ”Biraahehaa”!

While not being satisfied with the result in his debut, Ali Lohrasebi is fully satisfied with each and every single song on “Mosallas”! And he should be!! With a Retro-ROMANTIC approach Lohrasebi picks up where Shadmehr left when leaving Iran years ago! And he does that stylistically and qualitatively impressive. In a genre where things tend to head towards a pretentious state far too often, he has managed to find a balance and a way to keep things grounded for an honest and sincere liaison with his listener! Topped with a smooth and soothing voice that melts even the heart of stone. “Mosallas” is a MUST HAVE for every collector of Iranian music, in particular those who search for SOULFUL and “listenable” music of a high quality! The ROMANTIC album has a higher commercial potential than what it happens to enjoy due to weak marketing, and it might take a long while before you can come across another collection of such artistic value and stylistic appeal! So whatever you do don’t miss out on this release!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Lohrasebi is today busy with several projects simultaneously, many of them being television-oriented he is also working on his third album which is to feature several HOUSE-REMIXES of his songs and a possible piece with Reza Sadeghi!

Note: thanks to my friend Shahab.

Overall Performance: +++
Artistic Ambition: +++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: +++
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Review by: Pourya E.

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