SANDY - “Sabok Sangin”

Avang Music Co.
2006 (1385)

In my review on SANDY’s previous album, “Tagh”, I somehow predicted a possible change of label and now two and a half years after it has become reality! SANDY is one of the many acts and artists who have in the recent years chosen to leave Caltex Records for another company. And like the collective that SANDY always has been even this time around there are new faces presented in the pack! The father and son, Shahram and Khashayar Azar, which are both to be heard in the lead as vocalists this time have together with their fellow members prepared a 14 track collection for us. An album entitled “Sabok Sangin”, featuring works by the Azars, Koji, Mahyar Kazemzadeh, Mohammad Resaei, Omid Amiri, Naser Tabrizi, Bamdad Tohidi, Ardalan Sarfaraz and Ashkan Rahimi, with a cover parodying the legendary “Abbey Road” image of the BEATLES! “Sabok Sangin” is released on Avang Music Co..

As custom the album kicks off with one of the group’s PROGRESSIVE BANDARI fares. “Delom Chine” will still your hunger for this kind of flavour till next one arrives!

“Dokhtar Bemoon” is a CATCHY and well-produced POP song featuring both Azars on vocals. The song itself is created by Khashayar though and it manifests his inherited talents to create and refined skills to produce! Well done, my favourite track on the album!

The EURO-POP fare “Emshab Baa Ham” doesn’t fall far from the previous track! Another good song to count on!

Next comes “Dorooghgoo”, another EURO-POP song but this time with a BUBBLEGUM/COMIC twist! I love how the band’s European influences still shine through their material!

Another one of my favourite songs is “Beni”. A song created and preformed by Khashayar Azar, once again showing off his true potentials! Mark my words, he has a bright future as a SOLO ARTIST ahead of him!

Feeling the abstinence already?! Don’t you worry, cause “Welcome to Abadan” is the dose you need to keep up till the fix comes along! I must say that I’m not from Abadan myself but based on those Abadanis whom I happen to know everything Shahram says is true!

The opening of “Arezoo” is derived from Enrique Iglesias’s huge HIT “Bailamos” and that song has also inspired to the overall creation of this track!

As a very cleverly executed tribute to late Aghassi comes “Maro Ba Digari”, a PROGRESSIVE adaptation of his HIT in a TRANCE setting! Another one of my personal favourites.

Ardalan Sarfaraz’ custom-made lyrics are dressed in an 80’s BALLROOM/SCHLAGER inspired ensemble as “Aksaaye To”. A nice ballad thrown in to balance things out!

Next comes “Tanhaam Gozaashti”, a fine EURO HOUSE/-POP fare after my own heart! I simply love Shahram Azar’s ELECTRONICA-oriented arrangements and after having wished for it in the previous album my wish seems to have been granted! YAAY! Hehe!

“Halimeh” was and is a HUGE HIT! And the funniest part is that it was released already before the previous album got released! An album that didn’t feature the sledge-song, to many fans’ disappointment! But as I mentioned earlier it was due to the change of label. Anyway, here comes the restored and renewed version of the old BANDARI tune remade by SANDY! Enjoy!

Its amazing how this album keeps feeding me with my kind of songs! “Forsat Bede” has references to my FETISH-style! A fusion of the French-DISCO and 80’s Electro-POP with a distinct overtone of 60’s CONTINENTAL CINEMA scores! If you listen closely to the chorus halfway through the song it will remind you of the good old BAD BOYS BLUE songs and their high-pitched back-up vocals! I‘m in heaven baby!!

Under the title of “Harfe Del” another song with a similar style arrives. Though this time with more contemporary influences! Do I need to say more?! Hehe! Didn’t think so!

And as a cherry on top of this MULTI-LAYERED cake comes a CLUB-MIX of Halimeh with lovely DISCO/FUNK elements!

When it comes to quantity and generosity not many others can compete with SANDY. They give you 14 PREMIUM songs on one single album! No fillers! While other more profit-oriented artists would put the last four on a second disc just to charge you more! But that’s not what SANDY is all about, their southern hospitability shines all the way through their albums. Offering you enough to make sure that you leave their place full and satisfied! My hat’s off gentlemen! As I’ve said before, unlike most of their fans I’m not a fan of their TRADEMARK COMIC BANADRI songs or SATIRICAL HIP HOP style at all! Instead I love their HI-NRG and EURO fares where Shahram’s more serious persona takes over. Therefore I’m thankful that SANDY nowadays take ALL their fans into consideration when crafting and compiling an album! While having the artistic ambition at TOP they also provide the variety that is needed to keep everyone happy! And “Sabok Sangin” is no exception! Its more than obvious now that SANDY has become more than a music collective. It has become Shahram Azar’s LEGACY to his sons with singing aspirations (not only Khashayar but also the little Kourosh who we heard singing at the outro of the previous album!). Its an artistic family, no doubt about it! However Khashayar’s talents already show signs of over-growth! These past two albums have initiated and trained him into the showbusiness and its IMPERATIVE that he gets to test his unfolded wings on his own pretty SOON (preferably without the SANDY flavoured Hip Hop and BANDARI). Because SANDY is something of a too narrow domain for the potential he shows in this album. I’m convinced that Khashayar, if continuing in the same path, will one day replace his father as one of the best arrangers and producers of “modern” music!

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Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: +++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: ++
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Review by: Pourya E.

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