Shahkar Bineshpazhouh - “Adabiaati Digar”

Avaye Mandegar (Iran)
2006 (1385)

After being criticised by several domestic university professors and critics of literature for the structural weaknesses in both of his WC contributions (Arash’s and Ali Reza Assar’s) Shahkar is back with his third album entitled “Adabiaati Digar”! Not to repeat the old success formula in his “Eskenaas”, the album that made him a household name two years ago, he has this time around turned to LATIN musicality for inspiration! All material on the album is declared as creations of the singer himself. “Adabiaati Digar” features 8 songs and is released on Avaye Mandegar.

“Tahdid”, which’s lyrics was initially meant for Shadmehr to do a song of, opens the album with a rhythmic tune. The song is relatively catchy!

A song with an Assar-ian musical and vocal style follows it up. The Greco-GITANO “Yaadete” is also a relatively catchy tune!

Next comes a ballad ROMANTICA with a lovely choir segment inspired by Marc Anthony’s “When I Dream At Night ”!

Fourth song is a cover on an Italian song with no title nor ID-tag! Unfortunately hearing Shahkar you don’t know whether he is serious singing this ballad or not since he basically sounds awful!!

Another song with the Assar-ian style is “Migoft”. I guess all the writing for Assar has made its imprint! This is a messy song.

The next ballad is no exception, “Ghadimaa” is a song with a nostalgic theme in which the electric guitar makes an -for this album- odd appearance!

To add some spice to this pseudo-LATIN dish comes a SALSA inspired tune called “Age Bemiri” with a rather bizarrely interesting text !

And for the finale comes another horrible cover with neither name nor ID-tag! This time a song in Spanish which I managed to put my finger on as “Refugio De Amor (You Are My Home)” by Vanessa Williams & Chayanne from the motion picture “Dance With Me”!

I wasn’t that positive about the ultra-hyped “Eskenaas” when it came out (you can read my review on the album)! However while “Eskenaas” at least had a hint of creativity and individuality “Adabiaati Digar” is a generically dull album that is either a severe miscalculation of the market and own abilities by the artist, or a manifestation of a self-irony! Shahkar was never a rapper per definition and this we could tell more than well from his appearance and attitude on “Eskenaas”! It was rather one of the many styles that his artistic individuality would take on as a persona, according to himself who says that he never wants to repeat the same formula twice! And he doesn’t, “Adabiaati Digar” is worlds apart from “Eskenaas” in terms of concept and musicality. However its equally postiche and pretentious! Overall there is a certain air of pretentiousness about everything that Shahkar does, a common denominator that ultimately links his different artistic personas and styles together!

Even though Shahkar is reportedly to collaborate with Arash, Shamaizadeh and Dj Aligator on their albums, and has announced another RAP album by the title of “Alaa Hazrat” to be on its way, he has also said that he no longer finds it worth while to create an album in less than a month and then wait three years for a permit which in the end excludes all the pieces that are after his own heart! And he has hinted a possible early retirement from singing, like many other artists have recently. But whether its another publicity stunt or a sincere contemplation we wont know until we wait and see! With that in mind, “Shaazdeh” Shahkar is perhaps a more suitable (referring to the Qajar princes) title for this eccentric and wealthy UP-TOWN artist who got to be “correctly misunderstood“ once! …but probably never again!!

Overall Performance: +
Artistic Ambition: -
Commercial Potential: --
Technical Quality: +
Aesthetic Presentation: --
Ethical Adherence: ---
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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