Mansour - “Ghashange”

Taraneh Enterprises Inc.
2007 (1385)

Mansour is back! After the crowd-disappointing “Faraari”, which hit the market two years ago, he is once again back with another aspiration as the sole composer in another elaborate collaboration with Babak Roozbeh as the lyricist. Arrangers who have aided Mansour on this album are Fred Mirza, Erwin Khachikian, Manouchehr Cheshmazar and Schubert Avakian. “Beautiful” or “Ghashange” features nine short songs and is released on Taraneh Enterprises Inc..

“Doone Doone”, …why does this song sound so familiar?!! Can an Indian original to it pop up later on, like in “Zendegi”’s case?!! Yes, Zendegi was basically ripped off (no credit) the song “Aila Re Radki” by Alka Yagnik and Anu Malik from the Indian motion-picture “Jung”, released a year prior to Masnour’s version without credits to the original! Back to the opener, unfortunately Fred Mirza’s progressive-touch doesn’t manage to save it from its generically WASHED-OUT formula !

The title track “Ghashange” comes in the same repeated-word fashion a la “Divoone”! A hectic beat that basically carries the words nowhere!

A NINASH-NASH 6/8 song signed Avakian comes to bring things back to 80’s with no fresh twists whatsoever! In other words, “Engaar Na Engaar” it’s a new song!

“Daad o Bidaad”, Mansour might have pulled a “Benyamin” with this “Zendegi“-paced song! The song seems to be derived from an old revolutionary song called “Booye Gole Soosan”! Also in a time where the cigarette companies have been forced to put a “Smoking Kills” sticker on their packages and the ROCK industry is trying to clean up its reputation and send a positive message to the youths by changing “sex, drugs and rock‘n’roll” to “sex, drums and rock‘n’roll” we see Mansour, the role-model for so many Iranian kids, waving his cigarette behind the wheel in the music-video! There is nothing wrong with acting like a “rebel”, but with such responsibility on shoulders one can at least try to be a rebel WITH a cause!!

One of the songs that could have saved this album with its PROGRESSIVE arrangement, “Baazi”, falls on its monotonous composition and repetitive chorus courtesy of Mansour!

Another similar failure is manifested in “Nemitooni”, which seems to be a hodgepodge of recycled ballads from the past four albums! The song’s chorus sounds strikingly similar to Shahyar Ghanbari’s “Barmigardam”!

“Baa Man Beh Az In Baash” is a pseudo-AFGHAN POP song in style with Mansour’s previous songs in the same style!

Another great opportunity to avoid a total failure is missed in the JUNGLE-inspired “Ye Roozi”! A song with a potent arrangement that could have turned into something extraordinary but falls on its weak and monotonous composition by Mansour!

The album ends with another song that has recycled all old ballads from the last four albums in a compote! The song and its repetitive nature has even references to “Nemitooni” on this very same album which deprives it of an individuality even on this album!

This short and shallow album is nothing but COMMERCIAL SPAM!! That means commercial music that is so SAFE and GENERIC that it doesn’t even work commercially! Just when we thought that things couldn’t possibly get worse (read the review on ”Faraari”) Mansour manages to show us the definition of WORST! Aside from the performance by the arrangers there is next to no artistic ambition involved in the creation of this album, and at the same time you have an overload of commercial ambition! So much that it should have been entitled ”Dollar Ghashange”! However a not so well-calculated ambition since the breast of the CASH COW milked again here was dry as a desert already back in ”Faraari”! A self-destructive ambition better known as ”greed”! Because such extremism is nothing but a long-run failure! If an Iran-based rookie had released this album as a debut it would have been acceptable but an artist of Mansour’s calibre and career has hit ROCK-BOTTOM with such offering! There is basically no excuse for such regression and gradual fall from excellence for an artist who once so superiorly played in a league of his own! What a waste of voice!!

In closing my suggestion to you, my dear reader, is that to buy this album ONLY if you truly enjoy the featured material and prefer what Mansour delivers today to what he delivered pre-Divoone! Because by buying the album you cast a vote and show that THIS is what you want and what you get in the next album is another leap towards the direction he is heading right now! But if you don’t then you will CONFRONT, send a message and make the artist think again and realise that perhaps this is not what the majority of his fans want from him! He should and CAN deliver material that are light-years superior to these! Don’t get blinded by love, encourage your artist in the RIGHT direction!!

Note: thanks to my dear reader Mansour J.

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: ---
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: +
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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