Shahram Solati - “Ghassam”

Maah Ent./MZM Records
2007 (1385)

Shahram Solati is back, once again with a moustache (had it shaved off for a while)! After the HUGE success with his previous album “Haalite”, he has decided to elaborate on his collaboration with Shahyad! Other contributors are Mehrdad Khalkhali, Amir Badakhsh, Yaser Davoodian, Jaklin and Babak Roozbeh. Shahram Solati has aspired to establish an own record label since a few years ago and Maah Entertainment is the realisation of that endeavour! Anyhow, his brand new album “Ghassam” is released with 8 tracks on MZM Records with a cover that strangely enough resembles the “after party” image of the previous album but here with a tie loosened up instead of a “bow tie”!

The album doesn’t wait “Taa Ettelae Saanavi” (until further notice), but rather kicks off with a strong TRANCE fare signed Shahyad! This style is rather new to Shahyad who gave us a taste of it in his own album. Here comes a more mature and ARABESQUE flavoured version of it! Well done!!

“Ghassam” is a beautiful ballad that rises pleasantly around the chorus, making the title-track stand out rather than merge in the background. The Turko-ARABESQUE undertone of the song is gentle enough to let the ballad breath, free from genre!

You’ll recognise the touch of Amir Badakhsh 6/8 from mainly Jamshid’s albums. As a Caucasian influenced DANCE tune comes “Khodesheh”. OLD-SCHOOL but with a FRESH twist!

On each album of the Solati siblings you can find a rip off! A foreign (mostly Arabic) song blatantly employed with absolute no credit to the original singer or the creator! On “Ghassam” its time for Amal Hijazi’s “Mestani Eih” to be ripped off as “Hamsedaa” (check out the original‘s video on my blog)! The problem with this song is that it by nature is a “messy” song that is not clearly defined in structure. So even though its one of the more marketed songs on the album, its also one of the least commercially potent tracks!

“Be Joone To” is a well-crafted POP song that smells Shahyad miles away! A CATCHY and LUSH piece a la carte!

The same applies to the next song, “Haminjoori”, a PROGRESSIVE ARABESQUE song that is right up both Shahyad and Shahram’s alleys! It should be mentioned that the song’s video is a PUSSYCAT DOLLS’ “Button” knock off!

Another strong ballad with a Turko-ARABESQUE undertone is “Eltemaas”, this time signed Andy G as arranger!

“Golpari” is kept for the last track, and very wisely so. Because despite its commercial swing it enjoys a rather impotent core! Not the strongest song on the album, in other words!

As I was telling a dear reader of mine, I was never a fan of Shahram Solati’s voice and style! But ever since the previous album where he not only lightened up image-wise but also got his music adequately updated he has started to grow on me! Yes, “Haalite“ became Shahram‘s revival and perhaps also his biggest success till date where he got himself presented to a whole new audience. A much broader audience! What “Ghassam” tries to do here is to follow in the exact same steps as “Haalite” in order to tap on its success, with a similar constellation and configuration. However the new aspirants aren’t quite as INSTANT and CONSISTENT as their role-models were! Making the offering sounding a bit weaker song-by-song, in comparison to the predecessor. But as a whole, as a collection, “Ghassam” is still a VERY GOOD album! An album that gets to be degraded, just like its predecessors was, courtesy of the traditional “covering-without-crediting” a la Solatis!!

Note: thanks to my dear reader Ahmad.

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: ++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: --
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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