Shohreh- ”Pishooni (My Destiny)”

Taraneh Enterprises INC.

Shohreh has been called ”The Iranian MADONNA”, time and time again by the media! Indicating her almost chameleon-like ability to change and refresh her look and image!! While rightful in some sense, I rather regard her as “Madonna’s Iranian rival”!! Because of her 3 decades of continuos success, frequent album releases, and stabile popularity she is practically the only female artist who can fit in such a profile!!

Many prominent artists have collaborated with Shohreh through the years, artists who have contributed to her solid success in many ways!!! But one man’s name has been more and more linked to Shohreh’s and her popular HITS, during the past decade!! A man who once entered the POP music scene by collaborating with Shohreh, and thereby became not only an highly acclaimed artist, but also one of our few constantly innovative and creative composer/producers!! This talented artist is Mohamad Moghadam, who has once again backed up Shohreh, by producing her brand new album, “Pishooni”!!! Other artists responsible for the formation of this album are Masoud Fardmanesh, Babak Rouzbeh, Mehdi Davoodi, Homayoun H. Nejad, Koji Zadori and Homa Mirafshar!! The album has 10 tracks and is released by Taraneh Enterprises INC.

“Naro” is the opener of the collection, it is a cover-track and is presented as a “Middle Eastern” tune!! While the song in fact is NOT a Middle Eastern tune at all, but rather a Mediterranean Arabesque fare!! This is a remake of the Greek DIVA, Despina Vandi’s HIT-song “Gia”, which is climbing the European charts as we speak!!! Shohreh’s adaptation is almost identical to the original!! It is a great song, that fits Shohreh’s warm voice perfectly!!! One of the best Persian adaptations that I’ve ever heard!!! But it would have been a great gesture, if just only once credits were given to the ones credits are due! It’s not a question of legal royalties, but rather artistic respect and integrity! And since the original track is still available on the market, it wouldn’t be a too difficult task! Perhaps next time!! …And this goes for all the artists who still follow this sad tradition!!

The second track is “Aatish”, a typical Shohreh-fare!! It’s an uplifting tune, with some humorous/self-ironic lyrics that happen to confirm some Gentlemen’s confused image of their lovely, but FOREVER “unpredictable” and “enigmatic” Ladies!!! So Ladies,..NOW WE KNOW WHY THAT IS!!!(*LOL*)!

The previous track is now followed by a very similar track!! “Aasheghetam” is a cute song, that tries to catch the attention of that hard-to-get playing someone!! SHAME ON YOU!!!…Whoever you are!!(*LOL)

At the early stages of an artist’s career, a little push and support from an already popular and credible colleague can make a great difference!!! When Andy & Kouros started their career, Shohreh’s cute and playful voice became almost a trademark for their sound!! Lately the always-humble Andy has paid back those precious favors by coloring Shohreh’s HITS with his equally unique and warm voice!! It started with “Saayeh” back in 1999, and is followed up today by “Rooz az No”!! The track starts with an amazing TRANCE-intro!!! What a powerful intro it truly is!!! It takes a hold of you, and before you know it…you are in HEAVEN!!! WOW!! Unfortunately the TRANCE influences are limited to the intro, but DO NOT worry my friends!! It soon morphs into a gorgeous PROGRESSIVE- Arabesque fare!!! Without changing the pace a bit!! Moghadam is the MASTER of this sound and style!! Well, the man practically invented it!! I loved his ATB-influences in Sheila’s “Cheshmoone Man” and I absolutely love this new hybridized TRANCE/Arabesque style!! The song is simply PERFECT!!…I’m in ECSTASY!!!

Those who remember the late FALCO’s masterpieces, “Jeanny part I & II” from the mid 80s, remember his beloved Jeanny and her mysterious and tragic story!!! When I first heard “Maryam”, I suddenly got reminded of Jeanny!! I have no clue whether Koji’s lyrics are based on a true story or not, but I presume so! It is the slightly ambiguous story of a girl who is either rejected or betrayed by her subject of affection! This tragedy drives her to the edge, her tragic suicide!! The song has a simple, but beautiful Jazzy sound with some cool HIP-HOP beats! Together with Shohreh’s voice they create the dramatic setting of the song! Truly nice arrangements!! I LOVE its unique theme!!

“Namehrabooni” is another so called “Middle Eastern” tune without credits and identification-card!! It is a lovely Arabesque track, but whether it’s Middle Eastern or Mediterranean is not clear to me!! Since I haven’t heard the original version!! Regardless of that, Shohreh and Moghadam’s adaptation is another great one!!!

When it comes to Arabesque, Moghadam is a MASTER!! Another genre mastered by him is the BANDARI!! “Khalij” comes as the album’s first nationalistic track!! It’s of course about the national identity of the embattled Persian Gulf!! The song is a questionable marriage of explicit lyrics with euphoric dance music!!! Very contrasting!…almost confusing!!! The message tends to get lost under the galloping beats!!

“Iran”, the album’s second nationalistic song neither wastes time nor up-built energy!!! It jumps in directly after its compatriot, in order to preserve the nationalistic spirit and atmosphere! This song too is a crossing between euphoric dance music and nationalistic lyrics! But because of its more subtle style, it sounds clearer and smoother!! A Kurdish spine, along with different ethnic agents, build its setting!!

The ninth track of the album is “Ghanaari”! It’s a mid-tempo and almost lullaby-ish song about a little canary bird who’ll learn to appreciate its little cage, first after its escape to the great wide open!! A nostalgic/semi-nationalistic song about the lost “home” and the mistake of going to “exile”!!! It’s a modern fable with a pedagogic undertone!! Can be regarded as a reversed “Little Black Fish”!!! I guess that for some people the grass is always greener on the other side!!…No matter which side they stand on!!!

The title-track “Pishooni” follows the same musical pattern and closes the album in a very gentle Greek/soft-Reggae kind of way!! For those who are confused about the two titles of the album, the English “My Destiny” and the Persian “Pishooni”, the song’s lyrics will come as a rescue!! Cause where else is the destiny written,…if not on the PISHOONI!!!

While Shohreh is a true chameleon image-wise, her music is relatively less innovative and experimental!! Except for some minor segments, the rest of the album is based on the same old HIT-ingredients!! But this also means that the album is a solid success!! When it comes to QUALITY and QUANTITY of a package, “Pishooni” delivers with its 10 colorful tracks!! It is in fact the BEST COLLECTION ever released by Shohreh, in my humble opinion!!! It features many styles and basically every single track is of HIGH QUALITY!! So if there is to be only one album from Shohreh in your collection, “Pishooni” is DEFINITELY the one!!!


Review by: Pourya E.

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