Reza Sadeghi - “Vaaysaa Donyaa”

IranGaam (Iran)
2007 (1385)

Reza Sadeghi has become a DIVO (male Diva)! At least if you want to believe the domestic press! Ever since his “legalisation” he has not returned calls, refused to give interviews and antagonised the press in all sorts of ways! Despite several bootleg albums released after his “Pirhane Meshki”, “Vaaysaa Donyaa” is his second legitimate and “mojaaz” album on the market. Writing, composing and arranging most of the material himself Sadeghi has also collaborated with Sirvan Khosravi, Marjan and Mehdi Zanganeh, Omid and Mehran Khalesi. The album comes with 14 audio-tracks and 2 music videos + BTS and interview on a CD/VCD COMBO package available in 2 versions. One cheaper in paper-sleeve and one more expensive with a booklet in jewel case! Released like its predecessor on IranGaam.

The album opens with the title-track, a well-produced TRANCE song signed Sirvan Khosravi! “Vaaysaa Donyaa” is the main energetic song of the album and also its commercial ACE! Apparently its not only Bob Sinclair that shouts “World Hold On”!

“Mamnoonam” is a romantic Bijan Mortazavi-an ballad with a sentimental theme and a LATIN-CONTINENTAL overtone.

Next comes an upbeat and dance-friendly song with a LATIN instrumentation. “Boghze Chesmaat (Eshghe Taaze)” sounds somewhat Nabizadeh-inspired!

“Chaareyi Nadaaram” is a more traditionally sentimental ballad with an EPIC/CLASSIC orchestration!

Now to a cover on a BANDARI classic called “Hich Jaa Bandar Naboo”. Originally performed by Ghanbar Rastgoo who even accompanies Sadeghi in his new version!

Time again for a mellow song with rhythmic ANDALUSIAN influences with an ARABESQUE undertone! “Dige Nemitoonam” is well-preformed.

“Naro” is another ballad a la carte! Personally I’m getting a bit fed up with all the mushy ballads but if you have a hunger for such material then you are in for a feast!

Now to a rather interesting song, “Fardaa Baa Maas” is a classically orchestrated song that is obviously based on Anoushirvan Rohani’s CLASSIC score for the movie “Soltaane Ghalbhaa”! One could take for granted that Sadeghi has meant this piece as some kind of appreciation or tribute to the maestro! But nowhere on the album is such a thing stated and neither has he credited the composer for the borrowed segments!

“Ghadramo Midooni Yerooz” is another upbeat track, a fusion of LATIN and ARABESQUE musicality!

And on the same premises comes a Turko-ARABESQUE ballad called “Shaayad Ye Forsate Dige”!

“Kam Nasho” is a traditional Iranian 6/8 song with FOLK-influences and full-scale orchestration!

The last in the line of LATIN-CONTINENTAL songs comes “Khodaa Ro Doost Daaram”, what can I say about this track that I haven’t said about the previous songs of its kind?!

“Hadar Shodam” is a more ROCK/FUNK/JAZZY tune with a prominent horn-section! After all the generic songs this one feels actually refreshing!

And as the (for me personally long-awaited) goodbye comes an anti-goodbye song called “Bi Khodaahaafez”! A pure CONTINENTAL/ADULT CONTEMPORARY ballad.

What can I say, it was a long and prolonged journey from 1 to 14 on this repertoire! Reza Sadeghi’s “Vaaysaa Donyaa” is except for its outstanding opener and a couple of other exceptions an album filled with monotonous FILLERS! Excellently produced and preformed but nevertheless fillers that do not stand out! Something which is further emphasised through it extensive list of tracks, the album would have benefited from a split into two separate releases. Sadeghi’s second legal offering delivers HIGH QUANITY along with HIGH production QUALITY but also a tangible lack of VARIETY!!! Once you’ve got yourself through the entire 14 tracks of the album there aren’t many “showstoppers” that have made an impression on you, instead a beautiful but unengaging tapestry of fillers is woven discreetly!

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: +
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: -
Ethical Adherence: --
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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