Siavash Ghomayshi - “Ghoroob taa Toloo”

Caltex Records
2007 (1385)

After a lot of hype the promised REMIX album of Siavash Ghomayshi is out. However not exactly as we had imagined it would be, with lots of REMIXES and a couple of new goldies! Something which somehow indicates that a change of label might be on its way! “Ghoroob taa Toloo” features not more than 6 tracks, all songs REMIXED by Ramon who recently released his own debut “Scorpio”. After having listened to the songs I see no justification for a breakdown of tracks in this review, since basically all songs sound similar!

There is SO MUCH fundamentally wrong with this album that I do not know where to start! First of all its not even an “album” per definition, but merely an EP! Now imagine a 6-track EP, consisted of only REMIXES without a single NEW track, with the lowest production quality and aesthetic presentation sold to you for the full price of a full-length album!? Its OUTRAGEOUS!! Now if the company had thrown is the separate DVD release in the package it would have been a reasonable price to pay, but in its current condition its nothing but a commercial RIP OFF! According to an older interview Siavash is a huge fan of TRANCE music and mainly DJ TÏESTO’s flavour and his “Sunset to Sunrise” can be regarded as a nod to the TRANCEMASTER’s legendary “In Search of Sunrise” series. Siavash Ghomayshi has in his past few albums tried very hard to create TRANCE music, but in none has he been able to fully realise that ambition. At its best it has had mere tangential associations to what the international establishment label as TRANCE music! But “Ghoroob taa Toloo” doesn’t even get that close! Its pseudo-TRANCE appearance consisted of all sorts of obsolete elements from the previous decade’s PERSIAN TECHNO hodgepodge is just an unbecoming disguise that basically KILLS his “darlings“, …the originals! Ironically Steve McCrum’s 13 year old arrangements feel more current and progressive than the ensembles presented here! There is much more to REMIXING than manipulating vocals (as if the voice is heard through a phone) with an abstract music that plays to an entirely different rhythm than the vocals! Ramon is a very capable arranger of PERSIAN POP music, however evidently CLUB REMIXING is definitely not his domain! Lately we have been spoiled with great remixes from talented Iranian DJs out there (like DJ BLUTEX and Ali Payumi), as we were discussing a few days back even the worse amateur REMIXES submitted to us (those which never make it to the music section) sound better than these!

“Ghoroob taa Toloo” is an OVERPRICED, LOW QUALITY and -QUANTITY album that goes against every kind of commercial courtesy towards the common consumer, and as such it deserves nothing but a mark of NOT RECOMMENDED! Siavash Ghomayshi’s (along with a few other veterans of the industry) music is in a dire need of reinvention but “Ghoroob taa Toloo” is more of a regression than progression!!

Overall Performance: ---
Artistic Ambition: ---
Commercial Potential: +
Technical Quality: +
Aesthetic Presentation: ---
Ethical Adherence: +++
[ +++ > --- ]

Review by: Pourya E.

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