Kamran & Hooman - “the REMIX album”

Avang Music Co.
2007 (1386)

Kamran and Hooman have released the follow up to their successful duo-debut “20”! The album which is officially a REMIX collection features 2 new songs and 5 REMIXES of songs featured on the previous album. Elaborately collaborating, as expected, with Ramin Zamani the remixes carry the names of two Malmö-based (southern city of Sweden) artists, namely Cameron Cartio and Ali Payami. Lately we have heard great remixes coming from the latter, but its more or less the first time we see Cameron’s name as a “remixer” for other artists! As coordinator and creative consultant is the other Cartio, namely Alec Cartio presented. “The REMIX album” is released on Avang Music Co..

The album opens with one of the new songs! “Dooset Daaram (Kheili Ziaad)” is a song that except for its chorus which irritatingly reminds of Hengameh’s “Ya To (Ya Hichkase Dige)” (also a song by Zamani who ironically also had a song on Hengameh’s latest that irritatingly reminded of Kamran and Hooman’s!) is a song with a clever concept and cool R’n’B inspired flow! In fact as I wrote in the review on “20”, R’n’B was an excepted style that was surprisingly missing on the debut! In this song however an attempt to an Iranianised sound of R’n’B has been made that is highly satisfactory! I must add that Vahik‘s excellent video enhances the charm of the song!

The second new track comes straight away and its a POP-ROCK song with a mellow flow. Despite the thank yous on “20” the bros seem to still want to thank everyone with “Kheili Mamnoon“! Or better said that special someone who gives them “least attention“, romantically martyr-style! The song enjoys the old self-belittling/other-glorifying “I’m not thee worthy” theme of Iranian art and culture which has dominated the bros’ songs till today! The song is artistically interesting but commercially a weak spot on the album! It was interesting to see Ramin’s name as lyricist on both of the new songs, instead of Maryam’s (although there was a possible reference to her in the lyrics of the opener)!

Speaking of the devil, the aforementioned theme pops up again in the first REMIX of “Mano Bebakhsh”! Ali Payami has managed to convert this bald to a great high energy fare with a PROGRESSIVE EURO-HOUSE bite!

Payami does also a great job with remixing of “Oon Baa Man”! A HOUSE fare with a twist of FRENCH FUNK and PROGRESSIVE ELECTRONICA. With additional arrangements by Cameron Cartio!

Time for Cameron to take over the DJ booth! “Oonike Mikhastam” is delivered as a fine BALLROOM HOUSE fare. I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Kamran and Hooman’s TEEN-POP ballads, but I really really like them in these outfits!!

More thank yous, in the REMIX of “Baa Tashakor az Shomaa”! Payami has managed to pump some serious HOUSE-FUNK juice in this ex-ballad! Love it!!

And finally another REMIX of “Mano Bebakhsh”, the less melodic one! This is a dreamy HOUSE fare with almost suggestive FUNK associations. Very psychedelic!

I don’t know what to make of this release! It just doesn’t make sense as a sequel in a franchise that the bros have become! Releasing a REMIX album as a second “album” (not EP) is not much different than releasing a “best of” album as a follow up to a debut! And this album is far overdue to be considered as “one off”! The debut came nearly two years ago and it was time for a brand new album to hit the market! Yet we get a short collection of only two new songs and remixes of only four songs from “20”! Even though the remixes are excellently done and earn this album a “+++” in ambition, since the new tracks feel and act more as “fillers” in comparison, it would have been more adequate for a collection carrying the mark of “album” to at least hold a high quantity of tracks! That is the only point of weakness in this album, the fact that its quantity doesn’t match up to its quality!

Still Kamran & Homan’s “the REMIX album” provides us with a perfect specimen of what “remixing” is all about! Both Ali Payami and Cameron Cartio, who surprised at least me with his remixing skills, understand the craft and possess the skill to employ it! Something which now in retrospect will put Siavash Ghomayshi’s latest collection in a much clearer perspective as antithesis!

Overall Performance: ++
Artistic Ambition: +++
Commercial Potential: ++
Technical Quality: ++
Aesthetic Presentation: +
Ethical Adherence: +++
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Review by: Pourya E.

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